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  1. I use 4 Duck Commander calls and find them great. I've got the Triple Threat, Ole Raspy, a Duck Picker and the Original Commander. I've got 2 Primos teal calls too. My son uses Buck Gardner calls which also sound great.
  2. I bought Pro Logic gear off of eBay this year. Absolutely brilliant and warm. Only cost me £100 for a fleece lined parka and pants. It was in Max 4 advantage
  3. Jimy1971

    Last Day.

    Myself and my young lad headed out first thing yesterday morning with no joy.It was the worst morning flight of the season. in the evening we met up with 2 lads that we've been shooting with all season for the last flight of the season. A mate of mine tagged along too. We split up,myself, m mate and my son setting up on a flooded field and the other 2 boys going onto a callows on the opposite side of the road. A pair of mallard got up as we headed in,no shot. We had teal and widgeon flying in over us but were too high. My lad dropped a teal but it kept diving and the springer couldnt get it. T
  4. So nobody organises goose hunts in Northern Ireland? Does anyone know of any wildfowling clubs that I could contact please?
  5. Hi lads, I'm wondering is there anyone in Northern Ireland that organises shoots for geese? There are a few of us that shoot together all the time and would love to do it as none of us have shot 1 yet. Also, what are the legalities of taking your gun across the border? Thanks in advance Jimmy
  6. Retrieving using a dummy launcher.I'm trying to steady her and not have her flying out as soon as I fire a shot,hence the lead.
  7. Andy, she's 9 months old not 7 but she is big. J Davies she's doing the same now. If there's no fresh sent, she won't go in. She flushed and retrieved another cock this morning when I had her out for a run.
  8. These are pics I took last week.1 is of my son after shooting his first duck which the pup marked and retrieved,her first duck too lol. The second is the pheasant the pup trailed flushed and retrieved on the 1st of November.Shes comming on great.Thanks for all the advice and help along the way.Still more to do but getting there.
  9. I'm using 3 Duck Commander calls right now.Find them great.Easy to blow and sound good.
  10. Cheers lad,totally agree with you.Need to steady her up a bit.She flies out too when I fire a shot.I've started putting her lead on her and standing on it to stop her taking off.
  11. Yeah Colin,its the training 1 I'm after mate but thanks
  12. Not sure this is in the right place so appologies if it's not. I'm looking for a dummy launcher that won't break the bank. I'm in Ireland so hoping you will post if need be.Had a deal done with someone in the UK but never gave me his paypal. Thanks for looking, Jim
  13. I've used the 12g Black Gold 30g 6's and I think they're a great cartridge.Some killing power in them.
  14. Thanks for the advice lads. Took her out for a run earlier. She rose 2 teal off a drain. I shot 1 and it dropped the far side of the drain. Sent her across to retrieve it. Took a bit of time but she found it. Couldn't be prouder. Her first retrieve of a duck
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