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  1. I got a two day ticket for £45 which I didn't think was bad, maybe only do one or two a year so for me it's a treat and don't mind paying it.
  2. I have a hawke sport ir 4x16x50 on my cz 452, 16 mag is ok but I tend to keep it on 9. I use the hawke app on my phone and with Winchester subs zeroed at 75 yards one mill dot is 100 yards and one mill dot hold under is 45 yards. Ideal bit of kit for rimfire and not going to break the bank.
  3. So I finally got a day free and took my targets out for a bashing. Spinner worked a treat, only slight issue was that at times it would flip to the other side but then bounce back half way to a non shootable position. Thinking of adding a slither of foam to act as a cushion and absorb some of the impact. There was a slight breeze right to left while zeroing in meaning a had to give a half mildot to compensate but managed around a half inch group on paper which I was happy with. My self and a friend put a hundred plus rounds down at the targets which was very fun as the competitive side of man always comes out. Then it was time to bring out the .243 to test the fox target, I was unsure how the 10mm manganese plate would hold up to a 58g Winchester varmint X ballistic tip. Spotting scope on target and Jordan placed it right in the middle of the chest plate, and to my supprise the plate did not penetrate. Jordan made the rifle safe and I ran down range to inspect the damage, the round had made a 3-4mm hole in the plate but no penetration, back up the range and if was my turn behind the tika t3. Head down on the scope and put another shot on the target just left of the first holes touching, and same again a small hold but not complete penetration. So end result is the plate withstood the round but 2 or 3 more rounds and I think it would have gone through.
  4. It has a tensile strength of 880 n/mm squared. If I'm reading it right.
  5. Believe it or not ant I havnt used the fox yet. Have an 18 month old lad so don't get out as often as I'd like and when I do iv got to keep people happy by seeing to the bunnies ect. The branched are 6 or 8mm (I forget) and are made from manganese steel flat bar and according to Wikipedia it's a very hard steel. It is going to be tested on the .22 and also a .243 so ill post results when I eventually get around to it. Thanks for your comments.
  6. After my last project I found my self incredibly bored on my dinner hour so decided to have a go at making a target tree, made with 50x50x 4mm angle 6mm manganese flat bar and an 8mm round bar as the pivot point. Targets flip side to side as shot. Will post another picture when it's painted up.
  7. I have a t20 and a pal has a nm800, I'm my opinion the nm quality shines through although the t20 does a good job for its price. Nm beam is a lot stronger and the batteries seem to last longer too. We can do maybe two good nights with the nm without a charge but the t20 is fading after 3-4 good hours out. I bought a t20 as I couldn't afford a nm and it does the job on a rimfire. But for me the old saying still stands, you get what you pay for.
  8. I knew the .223 would go through the mild steel which was they I used the 10mm manganize as target points, it's going to be used as a range testing exercise as opposed to zeroing so rifle should be on. And the fact it's cost me nothing means I'm not going to be upset if it ends up with a hole or two in it haha. Working in steel I get loads of pieces to use as targets and have seen what the .223 does to mild steel. Managed to get hold of a piece of 60mm plate which weighed a (metaphorical) ton that did the job. But I take on board the fixed legs point and will amend that in model 2 when the need arises.
  9. I personally only have a .22 rimfire but I do a lot of shooting with a friend who has a .223. I work in steel stock holding and I'm led to believe that the manganize plate is very similar to the AR500 steel that bh targets use on their products. The .223 will more than likely go through the 4mm mild steel even with the ballistic tip, but the target points should more than handle it. All material was from waste at work so hasn't cost me a penny.
  10. This is my first attempt at making a steel target, main fox is made from 4mm mild steel plate. And the two target points are made from 10mm manganize steel (a hard wearing abrasive resistant material) also welded some brackets on the back to recieve some threaded bar so the legs can be taken off for smaller storage. I know it's rough but chuffed for my first go and never done any welding before.
  11. Tuesday night I was asked to meet my pal at our rfd's place Ashe wanted a sencond opinion on a new rifle. Our lass asked if she could come for the drive and when we got there I was greeted with a brand new cz 452 American with a 16" barrel and left handed action. Also a sak mod and 4x16x50 hawke sport ir scope. Apparently our lass and mate have been planning it for months, and the rfd said it was an absoloubt nightmare to find a left handed action so think I'm quite a lucky lad. Haha
  12. Honestly mate they are so easy to make, I got a rigid plastic case for my Iphone 5 glued one of those scope protectors to it with the clear plastic lense knocked out onto it, then got a bisley sunshades cut the eye cup off and pieced it all together. Sun shade slots over scope and case with lense cover on it goes onto sunshade. Happy crafting.
  13. Just take back legs off and pan fry with some garlic. Lovely! DHG
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