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  1. Can you send me some picture over what's app my message box is full. 07557885193
  2. Can you send me a couple of pics of parents and pups pal 07557885193 my message box is full and I don't no how to delete them on my phone.
  3. Phil I'm interested in the dog but can't send you a message due to my message box being full, if you could send me photos of the Wheaton cross that would be good thanks. 07557885193
  4. jimmy was a top bloke only known him a few year but I've had some good dogs off him and he's taught me a lot about terriers. Massive turn out for the funeral and met some good lads through it. RIP jimmy!!!
  5. Are you interested in a swap and cash, got a s410 Classic in walnut stock.
  6. Lightforce blitz mate that's all I no it's the bigger one
  7. Got a striker 170 with 14 amp belt pack with all the box only five month old 90 pound or a blitz 210 for fifty pound hartlepool northeast
  8. light force striker 170 with 14 amp belt pack which takes two 7 amp batteries also lightforce blitz 210 for sale, 150 pound for the lot or can split 50 pound for each item. I have the box for the 170 and belt pack which is only five month old and the 210 is in good condition all in working order. Located in Hartlepool northeast England. Call or text this number for pictures 07557885193
  9. Tried to message you mate but my message box is full and can't delete any on my phone, can you message me your number and I'll give you a call, thanks.
  10. In my eyes its the perfect cross, i have a 7 month old pup the same breeding but what a stunning dog that is. Credit to you pal !
  11. smart dog that, love them beddy crosses.
  12. I dont mind a bit of bull aslong as theres collie in there aswell, plenty of brain in this pup. Hope it makes the grade.
  13. its getting there, had a few droppers and retrieved a few shot pheasant. Hard little thing aswell haha cheers.
  14. After my old dog broke its hock and had to be amputated i decided to get a pup to bring on for next season. Heres a few pictures!! 5/8 grey 2/8 bull 1/8 collie just over six month old.
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