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  1. id agree , they all look like hens to me
  2. cant resize my pics to 500kb pal
  3. got a few of some of my breeding stock , ill try and upload but im no good at re sizing them . ill take some of chicks and young stuff tommorrow .
  4. ive got loads of young stuff ive bred this year but im nowhere near you pal.
  5. looks like its crossed with 1 of them gunkei things to me , dont look pure ko shamo .
  6. not to far mate is it still running?? never been but possible, do you have any details please?? cheers no mate , i havent been .I was working in oswestry last week and saw it advertised .
  7. think theres a poultry auction in oswestry , dnt know how far that is from you ? atb phil
  8. It was asil x thai if it was 1 of mine mate , dont know to anything right now but i should have some nice stuff in a few months . You can get some bargains from penkridge this time of year but be careful what your buying as theres alot of crap too ! ill probably know your face if your there regular , atb phil
  9. was it from penkridge poultry auction mate ? looks like some stuff i put in last year ? cheers phil
  10. i tried to put a link up but im shite with computers ! can get um for about £34 near me , seems expensive until you use it ...
  11. bulldog are expensive but are good quality , when the the wooden shaft breaks after around 40 years lmao you can get a steel shaft welded on to last the rest of your and your grandkids lives ! atb phil
  12. thats what its all about dude welcome to the site
  13. bout time there was a cockney patrol ! remind the musrats whos manor there living in .
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