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  1. looking for a polecat hob ...scottish boarders north northumberland...
  2. telf


    does anyone have a copy of kieth mathews retriever training dvd they would like to sell.
  3. merry xmas to all you fellas and your loved ones TELF.
  4. sorry we are north northumberland cheers
  5. hi lads looking for a bedlington terrier stud dog if anyone can help cheers. should of said we are north northumberland and we will travel .
  6. well cockers arnt easy to train but poodles are so the mix could be good
  7. sorry for your loss,, just think of the good times with him.
  8. funny that i think the best ferrets i have owned have all been hobbs .
  9. looking for a nice polecat hob , to join my team , northeast , scottish boarders.
  10. thanks i will have a look .
  11. hi lads i would like a large double ferret box for big hob ferrets , got one from ebay but its to small for bigger ferrets, am sure a guy on here makes them can anyone tell me his name cheers.
  12. ferret,,,,, north northumberland, scottish boarders, area, i am willing to pay a good price for a polecat jill ,,,, cheers,,,
  13. cheers stroller ,she will be in for a while dont fancy putting 8week old pup out,gives me time for some bonding, plus gives me time to buy a kennel and sort a concrete base .
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