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  1. outshooting

    gis a laugh

    Whats 20 feet long & stinks of piss ? The conga line at the old peoples home.
  2. outshooting

    Bisley Today

    You know that you love cleaning all those guns of yours mate shooting season on its way so the next question will be Dad can we go on a shoot now i am the shotgun kid there is no stopping him now. Look forward to seeing you all soon
  3. outshooting

    About time too!

    Sounds like you had a good night mate, i remember the 40-gr 223 & the very messy end the rabbits have. He caught this one just above the shoulders and opened him up like a tin of sardines, his ribcage was sticking out his a**e and his rear legs ended up round his neck...a very strange sight, when we picked him up virtually everything fell out! What got tossed into the hedge for charlie was just a bit of skin and bone!! Am I going to be seeing you soon Outshooting?????? You will be seeing me soon mate, very kind offer from you i will be in touch.
  4. outshooting

    why you shouldnt flirt

    thats great, i wonder how she felt when she went to visit the inlaws again
  5. outshooting

    About time too!

    Sounds like you had a good night mate, i remember the 40-gr 223 & the very messy end the rabbits have.
  6. outshooting

    Help! Moderator damage...

    oops! hope it still all works ok mate, was you going for that long shot ha ha
  7. outshooting

    How much for head shot rabbits

    feck me how much ?? £4 how much is your game dealer/fish shop selling them for ?
  8. This man is a tp bloke & knows alot about the shooting sport, sit up & listen

  9. outshooting

    Exit the Shitter

    So who has left THL site then?????
  10. outshooting

    Moving Shotguns

    There is no requirement to inform them within a certain timescale the wording is very bland and obscure as normal with firearms law. See Here Also, I have a query about his parents in possession of guns. If he has the keys to the cabinet and sole access and his certificate lists that address there is no problem as his parents are not in possession as they have no access. When I first had my Shotgun certificate I lived at a different address to where my guns were stored as they were kept with my father who at the time didn't have an SGC. Access is the key word in this one. Regards SS I agree with what you are saying here, but he does say that he wants to move the guns to his new address, in which case he must inform the firearms office that the guns have changed address or he will lose his ticket.
  11. outshooting

    New Member from Hant's

    Hello & Welcome
  12. outshooting

    Hi :)

    Hello & Welcome
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    Hello & Welcome
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    a word of hello

    Hello & Welcome