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  1. 1 minute ago, foxdropper said:

    It’s only a problem if your stock holds the problem gene to start with .You cannot breed in faults without introducing them .

    I dunno about that heres1 for my pal a good few years back bred a litter of a well bred dog did it's job 10 fold put it to a none related bitch all the pups turned out belters but unfortunately 1 had a cleft palate now how can this be 

  2. 3 minutes ago, foxdropper said:

    Tell me why mate .Start with good stock and continue .With lurchers of mixed breed the line should be limitless .

    Hmmmm I'm on the fence here with this 1 I think you can inbreed too much sometimes it is necessary though if you want the right stuff,Blackie does have a valid point though inbreed is a problem 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Black neck said:

    With inbreeding would u say uncle 2 niece is better than grandsire granddaughters mating and how long do u expect 2 keep this up before an outcross is needed 

    Hmmmm that's a tricky 1 grandparents to grandchildren then back to uncle and cousins can be done quite a few times and remember the out cross you wanna bring in must be of same type of breeding other wise your just pissing in the wind any body else wanna shed some light on this 

  4. 9 minutes ago, foxdropper said:

    If you read thread from start to finish the original poster states it’s a long way round to creating a line which is so far from the truth as to be a downright lie  .Fastest way to fix traits is to stick to  one common denominator ie the dog .

    Breed your  stud  to very closely bred bitches of the right sort and pick another stud from same breeding for future use ,repeat .Done it for years with terriers .

    Should do a book about it 

  5. 8 hours ago, poxon said:

    Used to practice inbeeding/line breeding with red canarys for showing it does work but with with avian the turn over is a lot faster as you know being a pigeon man it’s year to year with the dogs it’s a long process if done correctly an goals can’t change from the beginning👍🏽 I’d like to dabble in close bred stuff from what I got now but think it’s to much of a challenge if your trying to keep best worker to best worker an close breed I think you gotta choose one or the other as a lot of kennel blindness comes in to it when close breeding

    Yeah that's right mate hit the nail on the head if a dogs or a line of dogs are doing the job for you then only way to solidify what you've got is to line breed 1 of the best lurcher I ever had  was the result of an uncle to niece breeding if I could get the breed again id give my right arm and a packet of smarties

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  6. I was never s big fan of inbreeding but I will be honest it's not a bad thing is you want the same stamp of dog as has been said I keep racing pigeons and it's proven that inbreeding does keep the line tight and keep the winning ability there as does dogs I'm not saying inbreed till there stupidly in bred but keep the key dogs strong in the line bred x for me is always grandparents to grandchildren I always think that's the ideal breeding because you gone back to the originals 👍

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  7. 13 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

    My original point had nowt whatsoever to do with pushing dogs to breaking point, that just got thrown in, as the usual response to these kind of things. Joe initially stated that life gets in the way of working dogs, and thats true. My observation was that very few folk manage to get 'the most' out of their dog or see what it really is or isn't capable of, simply because life gets in the way. Working a running dog and taking it on that journey to really give it as much as it can handle (without wrecking it), requires a lot of time, effort and dedication, a drop of luck and probably quite big balls! I know I dont get the most from mine and I work pretty hard at it. No one wants to run their dogs into the ground, but following on from the fit dogs thread, most good lurchers at peak fitness can handle more than the man on the slip most of the time! I dont really care how much anyone else does or how good or bad their dogs are as long as they are happy. . . . . however it is interesting to see that what is often talked about as a 'great' dog is just one thats not crap. See its ALL of the time with collies.

    Yeah I get what your saying mate but I think it's not just down to life that fact of the matter is there people out there who are just happy to go out now and again and just do abit of this and that with there dogs I think the b s starts when people make out they do more with there dogs then they actually do get my drift end of the day really dogs only got to prove it's self to 1 person 👊

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  8. 1 minute ago, Black neck said:

    I ain't done ote for a bit as you know but after Xmas when the gear is at its finest I shall be at full cry ,blouse flapping about and digging me heels in the winter seed

    You go out to early if I was you I'd Waite til May don't mess about with December quarry it's too easy 

  9. 7 hours ago, SheepChaser said:

    I said ‘get the most out of a dog’ not push it to breaking, let’s be honest how many folk on here have pushed a dog so far it’s broken? When it’s not just been a dog that’s lacking. 

    Trouble is every dog has a breaking point weither it's age ,Injury or just literally chucking the towel in it is what it is now when I had all the time in the world to get out with my dogs and I meant literally all the time in the world there wasn't a single day or night where I wasn't out I was a hungry young lad and so were the lads I knocked about with we had lurchers and terrier that we were out with when ever the chance came about but some times I'l admit that we may be had more about us then the dogs did at time I've literally ran the legs off them the poor fuckers have I learnt from that yes I sure have but sometimes we do think that they are machines I'm as guilty as the next man but now I think as long as the dogs doing the job your happy with then fair play 

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  10. 9 hours ago, morton said:

    Try it,Arthur Chester an old timer from Keighley swore by it,he chewed the leaf all his life and knew more about lurchers,especially Beddy lurchers than most,he cured a limping terrier for me by throwing into the river,it had a dislocated shoulder and the cold water and swimming popped the shoulder back and it swam out without a limp,i did not know about the dislocated shoulder before him,he did.I remember the time he stated a lurcher I owned wanted worming,id wormed it with the regular shite available at the time,he told me to hold it and spat brown chewing spittle down its throat and then told me to hold its head tight as the mutt would try to vomit,it did and within a few minutes shat a bung of worms out.A while later I wanted to worm a lurcher and sourced some chewing baccy,i sat on an hillside chewing away and spat a slug of treacle down the mutts throat,then I watched the world spin round and spent the next two hours allucinating and retching my guts up,it was like the worst hangover quadrupled.Now I use the cheap drontals or novermectin,the mutts are wormed and i don,t suffer.

    The question is did the tabbacco clear the worms out of you or was you chewing iawoska and you wanted to visit the dmt world 

  11. I've hesitated breeding from half decent notches in the past and I've lost out big time all I can say is any lads with a decent dog or bitch doing what it should be doing for you don't hesitate to breed it weither it's 2 5 or feckin 10 even if yah just rear a couple off them I wish I did like I said 👍

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  12. 1 hour ago, poxon said:

    Just about every litter advertised is bull blooded now days ain’t it I guess it’s finding out the right stuff that’s not lied about an the right money...but at the minute it’s only the right money for the seller not the buyer 

    The right stuff stay in circles mate that's what I've found out 

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