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  1. 3 minutes ago, taffey said:

    Yer used to buy them wormers off him at welsh game fair he d turn up wit an estate car and trailer on back full of pups and saplings lads would flock to him a right character them. Wormers he’d call gobstoppers big purple balls fire them down neck and stand well back 😂👍

    These were big white things I remember a pal of mine bought a load of them off him went out on the piss one Saturday the dogs only ate a whole tub of them the fuckers were throthing at the mouth eyes rolled back the lot 2 patterdale pups in a right state they reckon 

  2. 11 hours ago, breeze said:

    Penda... Weston was alot better back in them days, used to camp out behind Edrd tent. Up to the stables bar on the night time used to be rammed.  Happy days 👍 

    Ive had some good sessions up there years gone by good times

  3. I remember going to Weston park when the terrier and lurcher rings when where they still should be in the middle and the old earth dog running dog tent was rammed crowd of round somebody I said to my mate who's that c**t talking shit I squez my way through who was there and who was talking none other then yah man ginger in a tweet suite giving it the talk funny bloke shame he's no longer with us likes already been said 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Loton Moocher said:

    I know one chap went to ginger  to buy a dog he didn’t have what he was looking for yet ended up coming away with a Vidio recorder 😂they reckon his place was like arckrights shop he always av something for sale 😂yet knew a keeper buy a spaniel off him for £80 coz he was on the move ,it was a cracking dog and served him well 

    Proper character few and far between these day harmless bloke do anything for yah as long he got a deal out of it 🤣

  5. I bought a dog off old ginger when I was in my teens saluki whippet right character he was my pals used to buy these wormers off him they were called hour on the park literally give um yah dog with in an hour get on the park with a new paper in yah hand it was like a pasta machine 

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