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  1. 11 minutes ago, morton said:

    Pre ban I had the luxury of hunting with a tad more freedom than the minority of lurcher owners now,ive nothing but massive admiration for the minority that refuse to be shackled now,massive admiration.I once owned lurchers with the capacity to hunt,a few have the same ambition now,well,well done.

    I like it straight to the point 👍

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  2. 9 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

    Went bushing for six hours this morning, came home, had a nap, got up and lit a fire in the yard and burnt some shit and went to check sheep, and walked another dog last light. Meanwhile she cleaned house, walked pups, went jogging with old retired bitch, baked a carrot cake and is now cooking dinner. She’s just informed me she’s on nights tomorrow so I am going lamping while she saves the world 😂 


    I'l swap yah 

  3. 1 minute ago, Shadow100 said:

    Just depends how highly you prioritise the dog game in your life mate, I’d lose a job no problem before I stopped running my dogs, jobs come and go life’s too short not to enjoy what you love doing.


    That is very true mate I remember the days when I'd be out all day then all night no fucks given but things do change in life I've had dogs since I was knee high to a grass hopper I'm 36 years young now slowed down he'll of a lot to what I used to I'l always own a running dog even if it's just chasing the odd squirrel over the park or just doing the odd night out once it's in yah blood it's in yah blood 😉

  4. 1 minute ago, Shadow100 said:

    I’ve never had permission, do more daytime work than lamping, people would have you believe it’s impossible to do certain things in daylight hours but usually it’s just because they’re not willing to do it. 

    Fortune favours the brave 👍

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Shadow100 said:

    Problem with a thermal is everyone knows about them, if lads had kept their mouth shut they’d have been bang on for years to come but because of your loudmouth types they’re just a 2 and a half grand bit of kit that the police are looking for now. 

    Yeah I mean I saw published in a certain book about them being used way back to be fair the old time the old bill are gonna know your using 1 is if there using 1 or if you get pulled over in the wrong place and you ain't quick enough to do the old switcher roo these lads with the permission are sweet nowt to worry about 👍

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