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    Started with lurcher and terrier work, now I keep show dogs and hunt with ferrets.

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  1. folly terrier foot

    Long shot.. Ireland

    No problem thanks wide boy much appreciated
  2. folly terrier foot

    Long shot.. Ireland

    Been looking on done deal just thought ther be genuine working ferrets here.
  3. folly terrier foot

    Long shot.. Ireland

    Hi looking for a working jill well handled is a must will pay right money for the right ferret. Based in west of Ireland. Might be long shot. Can travel.
  4. back on this again back at the hunting. keeping ferrets now and lurcher work. great to back. 


  5. folly terrier foot

    diging irons

    is that the one i done.
  6. folly terrier foot


    well lads i was just wornding what was the land around ye like??? whar i live the whole road and land around it is around 3ft-4ft in water it has destoried two hole esates with around 30 - 40 houses in one and around 20 - 30 in the other and all the house up along the road bar one or two. it is very bad this year it has been the worst in 85 years!! a lad on this site is in bother with his house dew to the flooding!! my house hasnt got hit yet thank god feel bad other around the area was out helping them till 3 in the morning friday nite.. What is the area around ye like?????? Folly Terrier Foot
  7. folly terrier foot


    does anybody have tattoos of dogs ???????
  8. folly terrier foot


    well lads was thinking of geting a lurcher or terrier tattoo next mounth i just wanted to see yers for a few ideas there was a post up a good few weeks ago i think but i couldnt find any pics wold be a help thanks lads!!!!
  9. folly terrier foot


    lovely looking dog she looks a very smart dog
  10. folly terrier foot

    bad nite at vet

    tanks lads did this happen to any one eles ??????
  11. folly terrier foot

    bad nite at vet

    well lads was wit the vet during the week had to bring my bitch in she could just about walk!!!! rang vet and told him what was rong and he said come in straight away.... i went in and i thought it was just mucecl proublems but vet told me it was her discs on hr back the dog was in pain and he gave me tablets for her she coming good again but i have to wait for two mounths hunting out for most of this season!!!!! thank god dog ok though anyting happen their dogs like this befor??? Folly terrier foot
  12. folly terrier foot

    panting kennels

    ya only new floor put down its about 2-3 mounths down now my dad does painting we put down sealer that he had to stop it from socking down the same with the walls do you think it will work??
  13. folly terrier foot

    panting kennels

    it will yake awhill and i am planing to do it maby every summer of every second summer try and kep it clean!
  14. folly terrier foot

    panting kennels

    Well lads im just after buliding new kennels and i am plasting the outside and painting the inside of it white... i have half it done an it is turning out well i am painting it because its ment to keep smell down, brightens up the places and esay to keep clean. i am also painting the floors gray wit floor paint as it does the same. does ayone eles have this done and does it work????? thanks lads folly terrier foot