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    lincolnshire but my heart is in ireland
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    i love fox hunting! i follow a pack in suffolk where i used to live and i've made some brilliant friends involved with the hounds. any type of lurcher work and i'm learning about terrier work. i plan to get into deer stalking now i've had a taste for it

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  1. feral cat was bloody angry!! and a little owl really surprised me,, and found odd ferret about too xx
  2. nice idea for a thread, its great to see the dogs having fun here are some of mine:tongue2: look forward to seeing some more Annemarie x
  3. SNAP! i was out today and yesterday morning, bringing on some young stuff, working a young un ferret along an adult and my bitch showing the dog pup what to do,, patience and time required but i had a great time out, i'll pop some pics up either on this thread or another whichever you perfer.. great photos and lovely to read the write up, you've got a nice lurcher there with a brilliant coat for the weather! your ferrets look good too, nice to see pics of ferrets, normally its the dogs and rabbits with the ferrets in the box, i'm a bit smitten with my ferrets thanks for the read, all the best Annemarie
  4. going ferreting in the morning :)

    1. scrutchy


      have a good trip mate atb mark

  5. my bitch is directly out of mike browns stock, the sire was son of jake lord of the knight, the dam however is deerhound grey, i watched the father work and couldn't fault the dog, my bitch up onto breaking her leg last year was brilliant, since the break she's hesitant at times but that will go in time, she's sound daytime but went off lamping for a bit. mike browns dogs are very honest and will have the drive to do what you ask, their coat is worth remembering but working wise you wouldn't want anything better!
  6. what a fantastic experience! love the dogs and the horses thanks for sharing this xx
  7. its fecking freezing!!

    1. KittleRox


      ferreting today in the sun,had to take ma jacket off,lol

    2. collie/grey


      it's going to be a cold ol winter lol, i wouldn't mind if i wasn't working most of it!!

  8. when i lived in north london with my dad, we had foxes in the garden, it was nice to watch their habits but we never encouraged them near the house as it was nice to see them acting naturally,, however one morning dad walked into the living room to see a vixen curled up in his armchair nose tucked under the tail like a dog!! he just left the door open and came back in an hour it was gone,, another time we had meat defrosting for that nights dinner and a older cub came in dragged it past me dad out the door! (who was so surprised he watched our dinner go!) we laughed about it at the time but to be honest it was scary too, a wild animal being confident and cocky enough to enter new territory and feel secure enough to sleep,, sadly accidents were a matter of time and i truely think this is just the start,, my deepest sympathy to the parents and all involved i cannot imagine how difficult it must be p.s i knew someone in ireland who had a tame one from cub lived to be a good age, used to go to the pub daily on a lead,, i often think rearing a cub would be very interesting to observe the behaviour, footage would be good to see all the very best Annemarie x
  9. i understand your point but england is only helping ireland because they have money saved there themselves,, the only thing i can't understand is its all well and good england helping ireland due to being part of the eu but where's the line of eu countries helping england?
  10. best working dog that i've worked was my bitch before she broke her leg, she was flying, sadly i took her out lamping the other night and she didn't even put her foot down, she's grand daytime but lamping there is no heart in it, so now i'll be concerntrating on making the pups good lampers and she can continue with day work, its a real pity but joys of working dogs,, completly gutted and one day i'll breed from her as before the break she really proved herself and like i say she can still do daytime happily but best working lurcher i've seen is my other halfs bull x before the curse of age caught up with him, but working pack is a buddy in ireland whos life is for the dogs in his kennels, and thats the way it should be. all the best Annemarie x x
  11. very nice photos there mate, i rarely use nets as it means more runs for the dogs,, what breeding is the black one? same stamp as my bitch, looks like you had a good day out keep the photos coming!! great to see! also what kind of camera do you use? mine 9/10 is blurry and would love to get pics of the dogs running all the very best Annemarie x
  12. time to start wearing hats, scarves and wolly underwear, its getting cold!

    1. collie/grey


      i've already started lol! x x

    2. lurcher lass

      lurcher lass

      :) whatever keeps us smilling!! x x
  13. just seen this thread!! stunning looking litter there! nice to see some really healthy happy pups they certainly are strong looking, keep us updated!! i like the look of the grizzle ones x x x
  14. is still awake ffs!!!

  15. nice dogs there mate and really like your signature
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