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  1. Paid

    How Many Ferrets Do You Have?

    3 hobs and 2 jills, all white except 1 polecat jill who was found wandering about this summer.
  2. Paid

    Season Over

    Sorry for your loss mate, I'll raise a glass to scooby!
  3. Paid


    steam cleaner works well, as it destroys the eggs too
  4. Paid


    he normally comes on every few days, he will get back to you.
  5. Paid

    Getting A New Vessel.

    You are going to have some fun with that :-)
  6. Paid

    I Hunt With Mink!

    I can see why they make coats out of them, impressive fur. Do they have webbed feet ?
  7. Mine arrived today and what a quality bit of kit it is, very well made, just what i was after :-) thank you Nelson, this should last me for many years.
  8. Paid

    Not Sure Any Ideas Please

    If you cant keep chickens due to the noise, get some ring necked parakeets and really piss the neighbours off :-) But for kids, Ko Shamo are cracking little birds.
  9. Paid

    Hob Advice

    I always separate mine early spring and keep them apart all summer, if you want kits, its still best to separate them after they have mated.
  10. Paid

    I Hunt With Mink!

    Great watch, thanks for sharing, some where between ferreting and lurcher work
  11. Paid

    Mk3 Collars

    you don't need a spare magnet as there is one built into the thin end of the orange box. As to changing the batteries, the whole top section, like a tin lid, the bit with deben written on, unscrews and the batteries are in there There was a good youtube video on how to use them but i cant remember who did it, i'll go look
  12. Paid

    Spun Nylon

    Thats the one, cheers lads, added to favourites now !
  13. Paid

    Spun Nylon

    I was browsing a site a few days ago with lots of spun nylon, day glow, pink, orange ect, and now i can't bloody find it again so just wondering where people are buying good spun nylon from at the moment ? It was a site with a light blue back ground if that helps any lol