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  1. There has been two battles, one in the civil war and one later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Preston_(1648) http://www.information-britain.co.uk/famdates.php?id=323 There is quite a bit of Roman history in the area. One find that would make you detectorists eyes light up was the Curedale hoard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuerdale_Hoard http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/vikings/cuerdale_01.shtml Cuerdale is a mile away ish from work as the crow flies.
  2. There was a civil war battle on part of it. Only musket balls been dug up as far as we know....
  3. Thats what the discrimination is for ferrous or non-ferrous. Its all Chinese to me. I just find loads of holes dug, then they give up after the 50th time of digging a bit of nail / screw / etc up.
  4. I spread loads of bits of metal on the fields, its from the nails / screws / fittings that go through the chipper for the sawdust we bed the cows on. Drives the feckin nighthawkers round the twist.
  5. Who is looking after Groutys budgie?
  6. When you have read all Corbetts work, make a start on the works of Kenneth Anderson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Anderson_(writer)
  7. 11 - 12th August Anglesy County Show 16th August Cheshire game & angling fair 12 - 13th September Lancashire Game & Country fair
  8. Rudd, Tench, Crucians and a couple of pike.
  9. With the right training and patience I am sure your mongrel will turn out to be a decent working dog. One shoot I beat on one lad has a Jack Russell that has put numerous 'pedigree gun dogs' with xzy field trial champions in their lines to shame. My brothers lab is not from a working line, but puts many of the working line labs I have seen over the last few seasons to shame. He puts in loads of training / effort in to the dog. Don't rush to get your dog out working too soon and make sure the dog is rock solid on basic commands before trying more advanced training. Sorry for rambling on I can't
  10. This afternoon I saw 100 to 150 pigeons hammering the triticale crop on another farm next to my work. I don't have permission there but half an hour sat wi binos and the pigeons began to leave in small groups and many of them flew to a pond on my permission for a drink. Someone will be set up tomorrow waiting for them in a hide.
  11. I got an S410K a couple of weeks ago. Secondhand they are about half the price of a HW100 and a much better gun than 99.5% of shooters holding it.
  12. A'd still knock her back doors in mind.
  13. But this is the thing mate, this is the great lie put about to scare us all........if Greece exited the EU today, the sun would still rise in the morning and Greece would still exist tomorrow and the sooner countries start realising the this, the sooner we start to get rid of the champions of Big government and less freedom that are/is the EU Back to the Drachma 1 for 1 on every Euro they owe. Fire up the printing presses and inflate the debt away paying it back with monopoly money. Drachma looses value and millions of Germans, Frogs and Brits descend upon Greece for cheap holidays, t
  14. Short sharp shock and regaining some control of their affairs will do the plate smashers some good. Bit like Iceland who since they told the bankers to feck off are doing quite well. Funny how you never hear owt of Iceland these days.
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