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  1. Collie X Grey/Whippet pup View Advert Anything like the above in England either now or soon? Prefer a bitch but a dog isn't a deal breaker. Also, prefer something that isn't B&W....again, not a deal breaker. Advertiser Frisbee Date 28/12/19 Price Category Working Lurchers  

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    Anything like the above in England either now or soon? Prefer a bitch but a dog isn't a deal breaker. Also, prefer something that isn't B&W....again, not a deal breaker.


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  3. I am thinking of getting another lurcher and wondered if anyone knows of any litters coming up in the Yorks/Derbys/Notts area. Ideally I will want something small (by lurcher standards) and with a fair amount of Collie or Kelpie in it. PM me if you hear of anything.
  4. I heard a recent talk by a PhD person who has studied wolves and their diet. One of the interesting things she said was that while wolves don't eat the stomach contents of larger prey (can't remember what she said about the intestines), they will actively go out of their way to eat herbs, fruits and berries.
  5. For those of you feeding raw, do you follow any of the raw feeding groups on Facebook eg rawfeeding rebels or barf UK? People on those groups are always looking for rabbits. You might even find a home for other caught vermin.
  6. I have a David James dog still with me. Both parents were DJ lines - sire was from Scotland, which also appeared in the mother's line. The mother was mine and came direct from DJ's daughter. I can trace the lineage all the way back to DJ's first dog. While I never worked him in the field, his couple of experiences showed that he was out thinking more experienced dogs....he decided not to mark the netted holes but marked the rabbits escape route instead. His more usual activity was flyball and he got to Crufts....his team reached the semi-finals. I know you'll all have a low opinion of flyball but he was timed over 51 feet as the fastest there was which is quite an achievement for a dog weighing 28kgs....a lot of weight to get moving over such a short distance. His speed was due to his determination as he doesn't have a greyhound shape (55% Geyhound:45% Collie).
  7. Sounds like you might be better of training a lurcher to do agility or flyball...which would affect the type of lurcher you might want.
  8. My wife is interested in doing field trials training/obedience work with her dog. He is an ex-flyball dog and qualified for Crufts but we both feel he’s now ready for something new, especially as he is a little less hyper now that he is 6yrs old. Does anyone know of any classes in the SHeffield/Chesterfield area?
  9. Wrong. Dogs find it easier to convert fat into energy.
  10. Where are they? I'm guessing Eire?
  11. The topic title says it all really. I'm looking for something cheap but powerful enough to trim the ends off marrow bones. Is there a cheap reciprocating saw or bandsaw or circular saw that can do the job - or are they too messy?
  12. II saw something similar for sale in Lidl today.
  13. Frisbee


    Is it still down or is it just me?
  14. If he does well with it in sheepdog trials maybe the ISDS will classify his lurcher as ISDS on merit....then he can enter Crufts with it as it'll be a pedigree Border Collie by default!!
  15. yes mate i have a dog. his litter is on you tube. this is a pic ov him. atb lb Sorry to disappoint you but this dog isn't from that litter (I bred them and know the whereabouts of all the pups). Secondly, EV and Murphy haven't had any pups (I own them both and, as they are full brother and sister, I wouldn't breed from them....not that I have any interest in breeding anyway.) and, and this is the killer, they're the same age as your pup! Sorry. I just hope your dog is one you're proud of (and it does everything you want from it) even if it isn't what you thought it was.
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