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  1. Hi all, I have a Nite-Eye 3-9x40 Hawke scope. Is this scope suitable for a spring air rifle ? I currently have it on my .22 rimfire but am upgrading shortly. Any replies greatfully recieved.
  2. I've been in seven of them !
  3. Hi folks . Just traded in my Marlin 925 for a new CZ 455 Thumbhole stock .22 LR . What ammo do you find best for yours ? Getting mixed results with Winchester subs that really suited my Marlin . Thanks in advance !
  4. I'll be there all the way from the emerald isle !
  5. Yeah, never had a night out in Birmingham but the tour operater is running two buses from Ireland so Wolverhampton it is !
  6. wolves is ok for night life , i was born there but not been back in 30 years, but prob not cheap regards drink, but neither is the midland for food and drink. I better start saving a few bob then !
  7. Well lads, myself and a couple of mates have just booked a bus tour to the Midland ! Staying three nights in Wolverhampton. Whats Wolverhampton like for the nightlife? Anyone recomend any good pubs in the city?
  8. Really? Which game fair in England would you recommend I go to ?
  9. Well folks, can anyone tell me if and when the midland is on this year ? I went over a few years ago and would like to go again this year.
  10. Hi all, I have just got a licence for a very old hammer gun and I will collect it on saturday. It bears the name Trulock Brothers and has a serial number 13 . I would love to know more about this gun such as how old it is and where it came from. Any help please ?
  11. Thanks Sporting Shooter ! Thats what I needed to know ! Thanks everybody for the replies !
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