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  1. hello friend  , where do i meet the owner of the working glens in board?


  2. looking for adult male glrn of imaal terrier Please spread the word and help find a working glen of imaal terrier thank you email ::: delonpara@hanmail.net
  3. bruce pitbull are there working glen in the world ?
  4. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/uploads/profile/photo-81839.jpg?_r=1385328710 hi WARREN what breed is this dog?
  5. maybe he will be 100 years old ...lol
  6. where is working wheaten terrier? let me know
  7. hello salopian i saw your post to sell working line wheaten terrier,do you have one still ? if you have one till , let me know , because of i looking for working wheaten terrier now. my email is delonpara@hanmail.net thank you
  8. Thanks, you could say they are half kc. The angle on one of the pics make them look huge. The sire is small for a glenn and so is his sire and his dam is tiny. Hoping the glenn doesnt put too much size into them.We will just have to wait and see. Are they pat/glen or full glen Raymond? The dam of the pups is a patterdale. how old is the bitch tidy looking bitch 7 to 8 years old are parents of pups patterdale /glen ?
  10. hi is white dog glen of imaal terrier?
  11. ======================================== grafterman and tinytiger thank you for your kindness. hahahahahahahahaha................... good ..good ...good...
  12. i wanna try'em one day there not the worse thing you could experience. are these pups glen of imaal terrier ?
  13. hi what is equipment that docking in video ? knife? http://www.cdb.org/video/video.htm
  14. Bagjongil Very good pictures.I put up a couple pictures of Misty a few wks back on badger that you sent me.Who are the Chocolate patterdale & the black on the hog? uru uru thank you for your kindness . thay are MO and offsoring out of Mo.
  15. what breed is patterdoodlewoodle ? is patterdale + poodle ?
  16. dont worry about it pal i think it was welsh is yellow dog welsh ?
  17. hi Raymond i saw your post .. are these glen of your ? i want to get working glen of imaal terrier. i want to know for ones . let me know your email .. my email is delonpara@hanmail.net
  18. is this dog pure glen of immal terrier ? have this dog experience on badger or coon ?
  19. i look for glen of imaal terrier or working wheaten terrier . if anybody know working ones , let me know .
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