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  1. This years North Wales Terrier & Lurcher club's Chirk show will be held on Sunday 11th of May at Dearnford Lake on the outskirts of Whitchurch. All welcome including trade stands. Post code SY13 3JQ.
  2. Does anyone know to a litter or of any planned litters?
  3. When we had a few bunny's about it would take a month or so for the dogs to get lamping fit and take 30 bags regular even though they were relatively fit at the beginning. A dog needs to be running 30, 40 numbers regular and I believe that stamina is something that has to be there in the first place. Some dogs just can't go the extra mile. Back to the original question rabbit numbers have dropped dramatically around here over the last decade so stamina isn't as important in the lurchers that I run today. If the rabbits ever come back like they once were then I would be changing the type of lu
  4. I've found that they've been in steady decline over the last few seasons. Put it down to VHD. first saw it mid 90's and they still havn't recovered on this estate. Now its generaly all over my permission. Obviously there are other contributers, myxy, badgers digging nests, birds of prey, weather and us. Rabbits have bounced back in the past, yes but I don't know if they will this time. It could be a long road. Google viral hemerage desease, its scary.It can lie dormant on the ground for months. Don't like being a pesimist.
  5. I'm not sure think it originates from China. Its been around for years yet it gets mentioned very little amongst the hunting fraternaty. I believe its much worst than mixy. Google it theres plenty on the net about it. I know rabbit numbers fluctuate and its sometimes down to different things, but when they've had VHD you will know.
  6. Its internal bleeding mate sometimes blood coming out of nose and arse. I was working on a farm last spring. On the track up to the farm every morning there were rabbits. Then one day I was on the scaffolding and spotted a rabbit huddled up and not acting right so I went to inspect. It had no heat in its body and blood coming from the formentioned places so I did the decent thing. The next day there were no rabbits on the lane and the farmer says he hasnt seen any since. I think it can take up to 48hrs to kill them.
  7. Rabbit numbers deffinately low. VHD has hit here and hit them hard. first saw the effects of the desease about 10 years ago where my uncle is keeper. We could go anywhere on the estate and get the dogs enough running in a couple of hours. There were rabbits everywhere and I mean a lot. Then the desease arrived and virtually wiped them out. Only picking up odd ones that had blood coming from their noses but they dissapeared and 10 years on they havent come back. There are odd rabbits around but nothing like there was. The last couple of years its hit my local ferreting ground with the odd pocke
  8. Chirk for me, good show and good set of lads!
  9. Alright lads theres a Bellman & Flint collar on ebay. Item no 330478643616. Cheers.
  10. Alright lads, theres a Bellman & Flint collar on ebay. Item no. 330478643616. Cheers.
  11. Alright lads, theres a Bellman and Flint collar on ebay item no. 330478643616. Cheers
  12. Thanks I'll get her to sign it for me then. Didn't want to pay the doctor £20, cheaky tw@t. As if he isn't making enough money.
  13. Hello, I have some very nice old english Pyle stags for sale.£25 each May be able to sort an odd trio out. No time wasters pm me if interested.
  14. Hello, I have been putting off getting a shotgun certificate for a while now and just havn't got around to it. I was wonwering if a primary school teacher is an appropriate person to sign the certificate? I have known her for a long time and she is married to one of the farmers who's land I shoot on. Thanks Greg.
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