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  1. Oh he does love a rosette does Moo, rumour has it he has a special room upstairs in his house especially for his ribbons !!!
  2. My guess is Darcy mounted it before the photos were taken and thats why it has a silvery sheen to it!
  3. If we beat the Gooners again like we did in the Carling Cup qualifying then i will be trying my best to make an appearance at the Centre spot on full time at the Emirates. Lets hope we do it .... Come on the Clarets !!!!!!!!!
  4. For all the United fans think yourself lucky you had the Yiddos and not the Clarets, Arsenal this Sunday for the Burnley Boys, at the stadium Jihad too.
  5. You may mock my friends but Cammoman is never far away Keep em peeled
  6. Id got the call to say that a little scouse bloke was trying to nick collars off Strong Stuffs stall, I set off in search of this bad boy. I happened to find him just trying to leg it over the fence with a top class cammo collar and immediately apprehended him. Strong stuff was happy to get the collar back and thanked me with a fondle behind the portaloos
  7. Twas a good craic, I believe my Butler Fellman is sending the photos along, the prick with the dog , nice one Aaron Keep em peeled
  8. Take a piece of the hair of the dog that bit you, only way forward Keep em peeled
  9. It can and does happen, foxes can spoil a good digging dog I havent lost one personally but know two lads that have.
  10. Just on the trail Guys and gals, its been a busy few weeks busting some ass, (literally) Keep em peeled
  11. That was funny as fook, "Hello is that Cammoman?" "Yes" "I love you looonnnggg time Cammoman" Thanks for the call Gav
  12. Barry Wylde, more commonly known as Wuppa or Woopa, gingery haired fella, used to knock about with the big fat irish man, grey haired chap. Has never worked a dog in his life unlike what some will say breeds blacks and black and tans in fact anything that makes money
  13. Hey Wilf thanks for the thanks mate, it was a pleasure to help
  14. Difference is Brummy you are a sex pervert that eats all the pies, you and the big gentle giant
  15. I see.... so you use it as a form of birth control then nothings getting through that lycra Question is, if you perform at warp speed, is there any point???? Or is that just an excuse you tell the ladies ??? The Actual insertion of the Yelnrubian member lasts only light seconds, we pay much more attention to foreplay, not being a selfish race we like to please our female yelnrubians first
  16. Its not attention I seek Gaz, it's the craic, us Yelnrubians have a strange sense of humour, Join the cause and stand up against the opposition, "keep em peeled"
  17. Its Lycra Andrea, it grows with it, if you get what I mean, they commonly call it Cammo Cock.
  18. They would only be snuggled up to me thinking how wonderful it was to be taken by a superhero, and the suit never comes off
  19. Im a lover :kiss: not a fighter Keep em peeled
  20. Just planet earth Tracker, on Yelnrub we have a practice called gerbiling
  21. Hello Rob, I'm safe and sound and so is the hunting community Ive just been working out for the past couple of hours, had a gruelling 2hrs on the cross trainer, and 500 press ups, us superheroes need to work out. Keep em peeled guys and gals
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