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  1. Have you looked at the AA S200? A fantastic, accurate, lightweight rifle. big performance for the price.
  2. Working Border Terrier View Advert Looking for a proper working Border, not interested in KC, just want a worker from good stock. Advertiser Halfinch Date 24/07/19 Price £300.00 Category Working Terriers  
  3. You still got any of these?
  4. Your Power is fine, just concentrate on your accuracy, What would you do with an extra 0.5 ftlb? that you cant do know? ;-)
  5. All Good Stealthy, been a bit quite on the work front, so had lots of time out with the rifles. Still love my HW100 even though she's getting on a bit. Do enjoy using the springers though.
  6. All the guns you mention will do the job very well, But my personal preference would be for the HW100, mine gets used in all weathers, takes a few knocks, but stands up to it all Brilliantly, Never had a problem with it in 4yrs. Probably best to try the ones you like in your RFD, and feel what suits you best.
  7. Best Rifles out there mate, Solid build Quality, Ultra reliable, good shot count, Best cocking system bar none, Deadly accurate. I know rifles are all individual preferences, but only a fool would say the HW100 is not a great rifle. Enjoy.
  8. Unbelievable that the skinny, spotty faced wimp is still getting away with it. Must be a lot of people out there with more money than Balls.
  9. Just a guess, but I'd say he is in Yorkshire.
  10. What a fantastic unbiased write-up, Nice one Mawders I think conclusive proof, that at this present time, with brand new rifles, the HW97 V Prosport argument, is well and truly settled, Unless of course someone can write such a great piece explaining problems encountered with the HW97? Looking forward to your SFS tuned HW97 reveiw.
  11. Oi, stop using my answers, spot on again. I work to Jill's and a hob regularly and never have to dig to jills I work mainly Jill's and i have one that i often have to dig to, All individuals i guess.
  12. Have a bump while i think about it, I know i really shouldn't but..........................
  13. I have left the hob in with the females in the past, but i did lose quite a few of the young, now only having done it the once, i can't say for sure that the hob in was the reason, but i never did it again and lost less. I have always left both my females together, and not had any problems, but if they are a fair bit apart coming into season, i think it would be better to seperate them as i could see a mother with say 3 week old kits, killing younger weaker ones even though they are from another mother. This is only my assumption though, better safe than sorry if you have the space anyway
  14. Sounds like you done well. Nice one. I was out evening and night yesterday, Had two woodys, one crow, and ten Rabbits. All the rabbits were from 11pm till 3am, and i came home looking like a giant ice pop.
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