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  1. Hi all, Went out decoying, Looked like heaven, pigeons everywhere, setup the gear and waited. 2 seconds pigeons, missed, Mmmmm. More pigeons MISSED. 3 Hours about 100 shells and only 3 birds, I even tried 4, 36's. Just don't know why. Normally lots of hits. Can anyone shed some light on this, I'm at a loss. Knifebar
  2. Man you have no idea how I dislike MAGPIES, had been causing havoc in my garden until I could take no more here is a picture for you persual. You can look up my thread on magpies if you wish. Best of Luck and don't give up. Knifebar
  3. Breeding is everything!! Dont just put any boar to her for the sake of it. Pig breeding is very technical, the more performance tested stock you have the better as costs are everything. Use a Landrace boar, if you kill the pigs for yourself you will have leaner meats and more of it. You need food conversation to pork, daily weight gains. Also you must use proper pig meal with all the right ingredients ie minerals and vitamins. Other wise you will end up with a pig with a large belly and poor meat proportions where meats should be. Remember the casrcase should should be long, lo
  4. Your pig looks leaner because this is the landrace blood lines coming true more stronger than the others. Landrace are bred and mostly crossed with large white, duroc breds for leaner heaver carcases, little fat with high growth performance to pork ratio's. Your pig will generally be smaller and leaner but if weighed may be heavier to a pig of similar size of another breed. 9-12 months take your madian gilt to a young hog to mate for piglets, make sure its a pedigree landrace boar, Perferably a red star perfomance boar, you should get good pigs with good less time needed to get to por
  5. Best I've had was 17, shooting single barrel, 2 hours. Knifebar
  6. What do ya thinks is wrong with it, can't tell anything from the photos Knifebar
  7. A funny thing, I seem to get a Magpie evertime I decoy Pigeons Knifebar
  8. I must say the girls are real lookers!!! Knifebar
  9. Yes, I have been mixing the decoys and this is a probable cause. Today birds were flying past and over head all over the place some would have slowed and then flew on. Yes the rotar will get noticed but maybe its to close to the pattern. When I move the rotar way from the pattern that means it will be about 45-50 yards away from the hide, so you can imagine the rotar will be slap bang in the middle of a field (we have small fields here) with a flock pattern nearing the hedge(hide), would this be true or should the rotar be same distance out from the hedge only 20 yards away from the patt
  10. I have been placing the rotar close to the left or right side of the pattern, which did'nt really work so I moved it to the rear on one side but did'nt work at all. I have discovered the rotar works around 23 rpm but I have since found a faster speed but have not tested it. I have been lead to believe that 28 rpm is what is required for decoying pigeons. Would you be able to tell me if I should remove the plastic deoys on the rotar and put real birds on instead(dead ones). I have also discoved that "V" pattern works the best as I have found "U" and horseshoe pattern not working at al
  11. I have recently bought a rotary machine for decoying pigeons but it does not work that well , in fact, if anything the machine scares the pigeons away . Does anyone know about these machines as I have been lead to believe they are the dogs B******S. This one I have scares the pigeon as soon as they get close to it but far enough away as not to be shot at. I am totally exhausted with this. Today the battery ran low and the machine stopped, so i put it away and left the decoy shells out, within 5 minutes a pigeon came and landed in the field. Does anyone have any ideas on how t
  12. Good job Broady, It is really well worth it, there is alot to be gained from it. If not just personal satisfaction. The harvest really tastes so much better than vegies from super markets, espically Strawberry's. And if it goes wrong, don't worry try again as this happened to me a few times. Knifebar
  13. Hopefully next year I shall have a storage tank Knifebar
  14. That I would'nt know mine is out in the open and are doing very well indeed, I think it's the 5 year old farm dung, it works well for most things except beans for some reason. Mind you the drought earlier in the year may have killed them. I also noticed vegetables don't grow so well when I use tap water. Knifebar
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