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  1. Yeah accidental matings happen, and you get the bitch jabbed and there isn`t a problem if the bitch whelps any pups cull to one or two and not have the nutrition that a 13 month old bitch should be utilising for her to finish growing being leached off by a litter of pups , unfortunately people see £££`s and not the dogs best interests, WTF pups bred from pups once money becomes involved the dogs are f****d
  2. 3/8 5/8 Collie Greyhound she is 13 in the pic so a bit bigger and fuller than in her prime Same bitch at about 2 year old and a 1/2 bred Collie Greyhound dog (a very old pic) 3/8 5/8 Collie Greyhound All Hancock bred all useful for rabbits and hares on the lamp and all have done some ferreting and the half x took a few foxes as well all contain beardie and border collie
  3. If he has already yapped I wouldn`t take him out with another dog until he has been entered as seeing another dog running whilst he is on a slip could easily start him barking at the spectacle in front of him, and if you run him alongside another more experienced dog then he is almost always going to be beaten to the catch giving rise to more frustration and possibly more yapping, You have all summer to get him entered on young inexperienced rabbits forget fairness and sporting chances when entering a pup myxy rabbits and young rabbits are ideal to enter a pup on allowing him to build con
  4. I see it every morning out my bedroom window , looks a lot more arty in your pics lol
  5. There have been a few all age dogs on Data recently at £2-3k+
  6. Generally fewer coursing pups bred so more expensive, they are normally bred from top end bitches and the few top sires are expensive , there is a large amount of trackers bred from lesser quality bitches and a lot of track studs are available free or very cheap until they are proven, the price of coursers normally comes down as soon as the season finishes and you can then pick them up for a few hundred euro
  7. Hi mate were abouts in staffordshire

  8. Give Robert Meek a call he is staffordshire based and will give your dog a thorough exam for a lot less than a vet, he is one of the best muscle and bone men around
  9. Looking on the web it looks like it finished production in 2009
  10. Once TDM came out the race was over I have been watching the dog for a while and all he has lacked was his trapping boots , your dog ran a good race mate,you were lucky he came off sound looking at the amount of injuries yesterday , feel for the connections of the lame dogs Droopys Power looked like a real top dog for next year we had a couple of winners so all good, one of the dogs that came 4th in the heats of the 416 comp won the A2 in a good time and is now looking a nice prospect now we have got on top of his cramping problem
  11. I was there on Monday and saw his semi-final very good run ,but a very strong final and a case can be made for all of the runners, good luck mate I will be there tomorrow as have a few runners on the graded card , our 2 entries on the supporting card opens on Monday both finished 4th only had one of them a week and looks a nice type , Good Luck Max, at least Jimmy has a finalist as he had bad luck with his other semi-finalists
  12. I think he lives in Australia and it is a more open track system over there similar to Ireland where a lot of dogs are owner trained
  13. I would say if it is only the 2 kept by one person out of the litter that are nervous then it definitely down to upbringing and not breeding/genetics as if it was genetic most of the pups would probably show an inherited trait to nervousness and not just the 2 kept by one person, JMHO
  14. MBK had one imported I believe never seen it in the flesh but did see pics seemed genuine , I enquired about getting one imported but the costs were very prohibitive
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