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  1. Wheaten dog pup View Advert Wheaten dog pup 16weeks old...From working lines...will make big dog like proper old style wheaten..not little hairy lakelands like you see now a days..situated in Ireland pm for details Advertiser curdog Date 03/09/19 Price £550.00 Category Working Terriers  
  2. The exact stupid brainless things i was speaking of..
  3. 100% C.green..quality protection dogs are like quality working terriers/lurchers..ten a penny
  4. Yes i think a good dog will sense what to do by the individual it is stuck to.. a dog like a above wouldnt last the first day on the training field
  5. Im not saying that is a cur but fights like a cur..swapping holds and watching you the hole time aware you can and will hurt them if given the chance..alot of malinois nd herders been ruined by bull blooded added to them for stupid activites such as kpnv it has taken the self awarness and genuine working ability from the breed..always looking for guidance etc.. something like field trials have done for alot of springers but thats just my opinion i'll stick to my herders who i can leave loose knowing their not going to leave the property nd jump the 4ft wall to mill the neighbour ha
  6. I think a cur acting dog is an ideal type for a guard dog.. Something you cant put your hand on.. am aware dog that knows an intruder can hurt it..straight in types and that dog in video could be killed easily by a intruder.. i.e screwdriver in through rib cage
  7. haha it is possible though... I like them luke x nell dogs jimmy1000 that use be on here bred
  8. what type do you fancy jigsaw? Some good honest lines around Eire
  9. ever think of going for a dog from coursing stuff instead of a first x jigsaw? Might be less injury prone... looks like hes done very well for you.. and people say saluki x's dont make alrounders
  10. your right we do want boundless stamina!!! but I really dont want hunting up to be honest im a lamping man, but if you did it would certainly add that, Im after a solid all rounder and one thing hounds would add to go with it are is strong, driven, tough and have a great working frame. And stubborness ha..I think your crazy doing that cross especially for lamping..cant see any hound adding anything to a well bred lurcher..but best of luck with it 🖒
  11. Good luck with the breeding fella..Dont mind the clowns on here who only like to talk about going out... Ive seen some great dogs bred from 5/8 grey 3/8bull back to greyhound again..use be some fine dogs on here years back bred like this off Turk's golly dog
  12. If you search old topics you'll find it..her Dams owner use be on here
  13. Very good..any trouble with dogs trying to pull them off or anything?
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