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  1. looking for someone who can bring dog down from stirling scotland to as far south as possible. please pm me if able to help, won't be until early april. many thanks
  2. would have snapped her up, but transporter wants nearly £400 to deliver
  3. I have four brand new 31x15.50 tyres on rims never used for sale, i would like £650 ono as paid over £1000 for them buyer collects or arranges courier. email for pictures please if interested thanks
  4. if i could get it down to sunny sussex i would have had it
  5. am also looking for puppy vaccinations, vet wants to charge £76 for the first and second jab! rip off
  6. Bitch paid for 2nd pup we have had from you, if she is as good as the other bitch we will have a cracking duo thanks jason, will sort out collecting as soon as we can
  7. where are you? would you post? many thanks
  8. in west sussex. whats the very best price? also how would you want payment? paypal? thanks
  9. best of luck getting it back, hubby had his beloved landy stolen 2 years ago, hit jackpost as it was full of all his hunting/keepering equipment. police were worse than useless. never see it again, and only got a fraction of what it was worth from insurance company. robbed both ways
  10. what have you got left Jason? daughter may be interested. thanks
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