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  1. Hi all saw the intrest in the crayfish thred , would anyone be intrested in buying some crayfish traps. I make lobster / crab pots for a living we supply the east coast to scotland to cornwall and even france , If any lads would be intrested in a crayfish pot PM me and i will see about getting some sorted Thanks Tom
  2. Can anyone source used conveyor belting , used for lobster pot protection
  3. Is there anyone that replaces conveyor belts and would let me buy the old ones ?
  4. Is there anyone on here that collects old motorbike tiers i would like to buy approx 100 i can only use the ones with fabric in and not metal thanks Tom
  5. Apparently i wouldnt like to be eatibg em
  6. Yeah it is private fishing some good fishing to be had there
  7. Does anyone know if there is any in the river aire around knottingley ? I make lobster pots for a living would be great to catch a few crays our unit is next to the canal aswell !
  8. I am wanting to know were i can get used conveyor belting to protect my lobster pots , any advice appreciated cheers
  9. Im looking to source conveyor belting to go around the bottom of lobster pots , if anyone knows were i can get used conveyor belting could you please let me know thanks
  10. I've got a led gun light , keep the lens covered so it doesn't get scratched they soon dim
  11. Cheers for comments lads had him out on bike this morning only did a mile , Does anyone know how far I should be trotting him , and how often wether I should rest a day then run the next , cheers Tom
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