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  1. I have a wildcat predator 8 £100
  2. Did u get sorted?? I've a genuine Vauxhall one.....
  3. It's in very good condition, I have very little rabbits to go at so it doesn't get used, I prefer to take the Lurcher when I do go after rabbits. Let me know if your interested an ill sort some pics out for you
  4. I've got a anschutz 1415-1416, nikon scope, mod, 2x mags, £450
  5. As per title, let me no what you have
  6. Would you be interested in a deal with a O/U?
  7. Can you weigh it?? Be interested if it's lighter than what I have now
  8. Hi mal, What make are they please? Cheers
  9. As title Complete with original box, flip up covers etc Selling as changing to fixed mag £225 posted
  10. MTC GENESIS 5-20x50 Vgc £250 posted SIMMONS 3.8-12x44 diamond mag, Philippines model so excellent glass Looking for £65 Pics available if interested
  11. North Wales mate, near mold/wrexham
  12. This is home made, made it so I could open the upper/lower tail gates without the dogs jumping out. Have now changed my vehicle, thought it might be of use to someone else before I cut it up for the steel. Needs a lick of paint Offers or swap for something hunted related
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