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  1. The large galvanised lobster pot looking one it has the s young and sons badge on this is an old vintage trap, if anybody is interested I can send pics
  2. Pup now SOLD!!!! cheers to those who enquired
  3. I'm away out the country again come Monday so any one interested pm me if you want pics I can send via what's app or email what's app would be better Cheers spencer.......
  4. Hi there, Teckel bitch pup for sale I was planning on keeping this myself but erindoors is having none of it I'm out the country a lot so she is the one looking after them, £450 no offers Pics can be sent via email or what's app
  5. To everybody Who as asked for pics I'm home tomorrow so will send some current up to date ones out as the pups are 6 weeks old tomorrow, and I will have decent internet access, Cheers spencer.....
  6. Pms replied to, Irish hunter it says on my avatar tynemouth it's in the north east near Newcastle Cheers spencer....
  7. Two dog pups for sale, working parents can send photos via email or what's app I'm out the country at the moment not back until next weekend inbox for details idiots need not apply 5 1/2 weeks at the moment will let them go at 8 weeks £350 each
  8. 6 pups 3 dogs 3 bitches one dog was still born the remaining 5 seem to be fine touch wood
  9. My bitch is due to drop her litter on the 20th may could go a bit sooner I've been told as its her first litter she was 3 in February and going of the pic my girlfriend sent me she looks a good size, I'm back home this week so will update
  10. fn19 .22 hawke 3-9-40 scope the gun comes with quick fill silencer quick fill adaptor real tree gun sling and swivels attached and carry case, the gun is in used but good condition prefer face to face but would post at buyers cost £250 can email pics on request
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