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  1. One fish that has been on my bucket list to catch is the Tiger Trout, ever since i found out there supposed to be some in a small river near me, three two hour sessions and no tiger trout, from this small river i managed to catch 4 roach.......on lures......even a spoon!!! i made it my mission now to find and catch one either way , doesnt matter where from, so i put the feelers out and soon a guy gave me a location of a reservoir with pictures of his catches, this morning saw me up and out at 4am for the two hour drive, donning my waders and rod i started to send my lures in all dir
  2. these so far are all wild from brooks, streams and rivers, not hit the ressies yet
  3. nothing beats being balls deep in trout
  4. spoons and 4cm soft plastic
  5. half or 3/4 open roof is good for your bird mate, as long as he got a perch to sit in the sun and a perch to get in the shade you'll be fine
  6. PR goshawks benefit being in total seclusion when free lofted, with a peep hole so you can check on them,
  7. imprint or PR?? might be worth reducing the food a little
  8. just a selection of some of the trout ive had so far this season, all taken on lures,
  9. just a few random ones ive picked out,
  10. just hang in there sean, here we've been lucky to dodge most of it, hopefully it should sort its self pretty soon
  11. feisty rabbit that one there lol
  12. had a few rest days this week due to weather and other commitments, but yesterday went a place we aint been for a while and bagged a rabbit on the second slip, fed my bird up on that note as its not the best place for rabbits, been sorting out new laptop as my lastone couldn't cope with me anymore!!!!lol
  13. sorry to hear that david, weather not being kind to us at the mo so not a lot of flying to be had anyhow
  14. if i do go for a p/r nextyear i'll be hooding it
  15. yesterday had some cracking flights with my female and my mates male, love steep woodland flights, managed to bag me a rabbit, also had a 7ft dig on as my ferret wasnt returning to the surface(not like her) so we thought she might have been stuck, sadly my laptop decieded it wanted to pee me off and made me do a factory reset, losing everything.......except my gopro footages,i backed them up on an external drive, but i cant get on the gopro studio editing programme, so at the mo im trying to get my head around windows media movie maker had a days rest today as missus wanted to go shopping
  16. Fcukinhell mate.......that's painfully close! :-( I know iknow, I keep bloody watching it lol Bullet, I feel your pain. That was SO close mate. The bright side is she is binding to them and is holding them. I reckon if you get a close enough slip at them, she will hold it long enough til you get there. thanks, i'll just keep trying, I can only go this place every other week so she can have a rest from them, we must of put up over 15 hares in total, some got up half a field away, there were also a fair few covey of English partridge,
  17. Cheers mate I but was lucky to get that one as I knew she wasn't happy at that weight. must of admit it has me cringing close to the bloody walls or barbwire fences!
  18. Fcukinhell mate.......that's painfully close! :-( I know iknow, I keep bloody watching it lol
  19. mate I know what your saying but I could see her struggling after she had had some good hard long flights, not all were at my feet, the wind was proper blowing across the fields, by the time we finished it was a lot worse, after a good rest the last one she flew was over a brow of a hill, thought I saw her land just behind, when I got in view she was no where to be seen, she was found under a hedge a good distance away, surprised me as it was a long flight and battling with the wind but she obviously stuck with it
  20. as promised, just a quick un, youtube quality is crap, my facebook one is better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm8nZ5AVOns&feature=youtu.be
  21. I know what your saying, I gave her a few good rest up in between, the others were keen to keep me flying but with mine being the only female flying them I had to think of my bird and let her rest up, I couldn't of been more proud of her today, just uploading a quick clip as we type, need more time to sort out my clips lol
  22. well where do I start, the land owner wanted to come with us, no problem, but he insisted on chatting to me from the start, so I let my mate lead hoping to get him a slip whilst we chatted, he only managed to kick up a couple of roe deer! two fields walked no hare, third field my mate kicked up hare, quite a distance away, I held back thinking i'll kick one up soon, less than a minute he kicks up another so I let her go, she burned up the field like a rocket, connected with the hares back and held on like a pro rodeo!!, but finally got shaken off!!, next field we walked in, rows of rape leave
  23. oh she'll be bang on, just give out strong wind and rain..............we'll see, two hour drive,it'll be a change lol
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