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  1. If you can be bothered to do the measuring etc, I'll gladly run yours through QuickLoad. Might yield some results worth looking at!
  2. Just to add, I have been informed that this is not the American, but the Lux version. Not sure what the difference is, but sorry for misleading anyone. Thanks.
  3. I'm toying with the idea of selling my beloved Hornet. She is the American model. I bought her 2nd hand and she shoots GREAT! I can consistently get 0.6 moa groups with 35gr V-Max homeloads, which are devastating on foxes and rabbits. This model has the single set trigger (which I love), 5 shot magazine and standard wooden stock. Included: The Rifle, PES Stainless moderator (currently in camo tape), Bushnell Legend 5-15x40 AO and some home-load rounds (not guaranteeing any quantity as I still use it). I will also give the load data for my loads. The rifle came to me having shot 110
  4. Hi, Do you still have the brass? I would gladly take the lot, but ideally after the Hornady. Many thanks, Ben.
  5. Hi Colley, Whilst I agree with the thinking of the responses, I have personally found that the loud report of the HMR seems to confuse them! When I started out with my .22 rimmie, the rabbits could hear their fellow rabbits getting picked off (the body thud) and this sent them running. On a more experienced shooter's recommendation, I took the HMR and voilà! This is night shooting by the way, in the daytime I have had mixed results. With regards to meat damage, I found my HMR to be more accurate than my .22 and found head shots very easy at reasonable distances. By the way, I'm s
  6. Hi, whereabouts in the country are you please. Thanks. Ben.
  7. As above. Must be screw cut. Package or rifle only considered. Would also consider single shot. Thanks.
  8. I don't have much faith in "cheaper" scopes due to bad past experiences. However, I have a Hawke 30SF Eclipse 4-16x50 on my .223 and I love it. Never had to re zero in after the hundreds of rounds I've put through it and it's quite a clear scope too.
  9. Please go easy on me. I had a 62 plate until recent and it also had a clunk every time I braked. After a bit if investigation, it turned out to be the bottle jack under the rear seat! I'm glad I found it and not the dealer!
  10. Listen mate I think it stinks dont get me wrong,but home office guidelines are just that guidelines,they are not the LAW,so I am afraid within reason the police CAN put down any additional conditions they like,and the op was mentioning having been told that breaching his conditions is not breaking the law,OH yes it is,it is an offence to breach any conditions set out by the chief officer of police,so I was merely trying to steer him away from any misguided and quite frankly stupid advice he has been given to the contrary. The "misguided and quite frankly stupid advice" you speak of, was
  11. Write them a letter, not an arsey one, just a covering letter.... I did. I explained all of the above!
  12. Hi Folks, Getting a little frustrated with the inconsistency of West-Mercia Firearms Lic Dept. When I was granted my FAC last year with the mentoring conditions on all calibres, my FEO told me that all I would need to do to get this lifted is to go out a few times with an experienced shooter and get them to write a letter confirming that they are happy with my general attitude, competence and handling etc of firearms. I got this done pretty quickly and sent the letter off to Malvern Police station with my FAC. I waited a few days for a response to be told that they wouldn't lift the condit
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