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  1. Get the sender to mark scope as a gift and value is only $40 YOU WONT HAVE TO PAY IMPORT DUTY i do this all the time Good advice there - thanks for that! What is the name of the store you but yours from - if you don't mind me asking? Thanks Fastrac10
  2. Thanks for that - will check them out! Cheers Fastrac10
  3. Do you know if he got rid of the packaging, and did he pay any tax on it? The VX111 is a great scope. Did you make a good saving? Cheers Fastrac10
  4. Hi Geordieh Thanks for that info. I was beginning to think that nobody on here has done this. Not sure if I would bring back a rifle though! So I just need to tell relations to ditch the packaging - but pack it safely and tell them it's not worth a lot. Sounds good to me! Thanks again!
  5. Looking at buying a another rimfire soon. So I will need a new scope. Have some relations coming over from the US at the end of the month, so might get them to bring over a cheap Bushnell. Now I know if I wanted this sending over it would cost alot for delivery plus I would have import tax and vat to pay. This takes the cream off the job! If someone brought one over with them, does anybody know the law on this - or has anybody done this and know what is to pay? Or do I look for a secondhand one over here? Thanking all in advance. Fastrac10
  6. Thanks for that. I don't need super accuracy as I will be only shooting at close range. Who bad did these shoot, and for the money could I get something better? Cheers Fastrac10
  7. Looking at buying a new air rifle to replace a very old Webley Vulcan. I'm looking at a Stoeger X20 .177 with a synthetic stock. There are supposed to be made by Beretta so they should be well made and last a long time. It's a legal limit gun which I want to shoot pigeons in and around sheds. Been quoted £140 for this gun whick seems like a good buy. Has anybody got one and what do they think? Thanks Fastrac10
  8. It is 49.50 for 100. Sounds good value doesn't it? regards Fastrac10
  9. Are you getting it in Scotland? I tried and failed, so went the reloading route!! Peter from Tayside shooting supplies tried a couple of times, but failed on lead time.. Can you not find someone with a press that you can buy dies for? I did...accuracy is far better and a fraction of the cost. I would consider Privi if I could try a box, but i'm not going to buy a hundred until I know how it works.. Have been in touch with Henry Krank who sell it and they said they are quite happy to supply Weldon Gun who I buy my ammunition from. I like you would only like to try a box first to se
  10. Thanks for that Mr L. If it shoots ok in Dekers Tikka then I would like to think it should be ok in the Sako. Sounds like I need to try some. Fastrac10
  11. Like I 'm sure everyone on here know's Ammunition prices are going up and up. The PPU .243 90gr at £49.50 looks very cheap. Has anybody used this in a Sako 75 and if so how does it group. I would guess not as good as some other premium makes. At the moment the gun is grouping half inch with Norma and Sako rounds at 100yards. I would be very interested to hear other peoples views. I know the cheapest option is to reload but I really don't shoot enough to justify all the gear! Many thanks Fastrac10
  12. Glad to hear everything is fine. I have a Kleen Bore kit for mine - Yes I know Dewey are the best! It has patches that are 2cmx2cm to patch out after a good clean. They are a perfect size for the job. Deker I, like I'm sure many others on here have it imprinted on our brains your views on bore snakes! You of course are so right - DON'T go there. Buy a proper kit and look after your gun well. After all the cost involved is so small compared to the cost of the gun! Fastrac10
  13. Well said Mr L - couldn't have put it better myself! I wish people would think before they post! Fastrac10
  14. What sort of money would you be looking for that? Send a PM if you'd rather not say on site. Thanks Fastrac10
  15. Some good advice there. We all have to start somewhere, but maybe a .243 is a bit up the ladder to start with. [no offence!] A shotgun would be a good starting point and a lot cheaper to use. You have one of the best clay shooting grounds near you at Bywell. Book a lesson there with a coach and you will learn alot. I was there back in November with a group and it was amazing how many people had dominant eye trouble. Going back again at the end of May. They would get you off to a very safe start and maybe your boyfriend can also keep helping you. Good luck and safe shooting! Fastrac10
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