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  1. 14 minutes ago, NEWKID said:


    I read your stuff mate, and wonder what it is truly like in your bubble, you seem pretty happy with it and that's the main thing... but measuring toad shit... and actually posting it like a trophy to be applauded!! 😅

    f**k me mate, kettles, hedges, chick peas, frogs and toads and now amphibian shite.... mental....🤣

    Esoteric, mate, esoteric............👍


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  2. I remember before the Russians were allowed to travel, and then when they were free to travel, places like Dubai, Thailand, etc, were flooded with them. Pandora's box was opened.......there's no putting them back in the box now . 


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  3. 3 minutes ago, Francie said:

    I don't think it was russia mc,it there pipeline is it not,they had it turned of anyway if I remember correctly.

    If the Russians simply turned it off, they would look like the bad 'uns, if it's a false flag, they can blame the Americans and the Ukrainians.

    If it was the Yanks or the Ukrainians, they can blame the Russians.

    " Real Politik", mate 👍 We'll probably never know who did it.


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  4. 10 minutes ago, Francie said:

    Is that the one the Russians turned off again couple weeks ago charts?

    Haven't got a clue, just what I see on the news, but must be one of the ones that runs from Russia, through the Baltic to Europe.


  5. 3 minutes ago, TOMO said:

    why what's happened...I don't watch the news....I just come on here to find out world events...

    Nordstream pipeline has been "blown up" under the North Sea .

    Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, who knows ?

    Put the news on Tomo, I'm going out with the dogs, can't be your personal Reuters all day ! 😂👍


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  6. 9 hours ago, jukel123 said:

    I report to the ward at the time and place I was asked. No trace of me. Fucks sake I thought. Good start. Nurse says to me: "are you sure you've got the right day?" I hold my ground and refuse to answer. She thinks I am deaf ( I am, but not that deaf). So she repeats the question. I pointedly refuse to answer.  I glare. She gets the message and apologises. Finally, a  miraculous phone call later she informs me that my details have been found, so once I have checked in I can be given a room. But first of all I have to be stripped of dignity. They take  my details, fair enough, and then they tell me to shower. I come out and they give me a smock which fastens at the back and a pair of paper underpants. 1) My arse is clearly exposed, anywhere else I'd be done for indecent exposure,  and 2) if I let off a half decent ripper, I'm going to blow the underpants to space and back. I abandon all sense of embarrassment. f**k it. If they catch sight of my arse and cock, that's their treat for the day.

    They put me in my own room! Brilliant! I'm very comfortable in my own company. All that communal ward stuff I've  had to endure in the past was a pain in the arse. All,that bonding and cheerfulness left me feeling f****n mental.

    Nurse Ratched appears. She's a real ball crusher. No eye  contact. No introduction. I try to get the psychological advantage by answering her clipped questions with equally businesslike answers . My body language is masterful ( I think) arms folded, not phased by my vulnerability, with my arse showing and the paper pants in danger of being blown to smithereens. She fecks off ,full of bitter vinegar piss. 'Piss off witch' I think as her ample 16 stone arse squeezes out of the door.

    A wizened old lady appears with a  circular action hoover/ polisher machine. Poor woman must have been 70 and looks and sounds exhausted. She wears a green uniform which marks her out as the lowest of the low. It seems to be green uniform, lowest of the low, blue, reasonable status _ nurse, white gear top of the pile_ Dr! You get even  extra status  if you can stick a stethoscope around your neck, so they all try to remember their  magic necklace.

     "I'll no be long son"  the old lady groans. I smile,I I'm f****n 72.😁 She does her stuff,  which seems to be to stir up the dust and disappears with a tired smile. At least she smiled and looked me in the eye.

    To be continued....

    I think you just made the whole thing up !

    Why ? Because Nurse Ratched, ( Loise Fletcher), died last week !


    Just kidding, mate , hope it's nothing too serious and everything turns out well 👍


  7. Labour's got a new slogan; "We are the political wing of the British People".

    Hmmm, sounds a bit like " the Chinese communist party is the political wing of the Chinese People's Liberation Army"

    Or " the Russian Politburo is the political wing of the Red Army"

    Or " Sinn Fien is the political wing of the I.R.A.".

    Doesn't sit quite right, somehow.



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  8. I know we shouldn't have to, these days, and it won't be everyone's cup of tea, (pardon the pun), but I quite like the idea of going back to basics.

    Getting by without the "luxuries" of life. Cooking and boiling a kettle on an open fire, I already catch and produce a lot of the food I eat. If the council would allow it, I'd have a goat on the allotment for milk, couple of pigs to fatten.

    I've just got my television tax demand, so I'm in the mood to do without the TV 😂

    It all sounds a bit like going back to the 50's, and I'm not looking back thru' rose tinted glasses, I've been there, and as I said, we shouldn't have to......but there's definitely a lot more "belt tightening " to come 👍


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  9. 6 minutes ago, Lenmcharristar said:

    Watch getting stuff like that, apparently in california they have all that kind of stuff in and when during hot spells theyre not allowed to put AC on and if too many do the electric company can reduce the power in your house. 

    And they can cut off supply to an analog meter just as simply. We are where we are mate, those with the power, control the power, sadly.......👍


  10. 22 minutes ago, Ken's Deputy said:

    @chartpolski Charts; I know those flasks well! Had one, in a past life ;)

    Trouble with me, mate? If I'm not actively drinking tea? I'm putting the kettle on. This is abnormal, apparently? I'm fukking 'abnormal' then. Because I do it. Done it for as long as I really remember.

    And @dytkos; No danger of me ever getting it near the tap, mate. I habitually fill my mug. Take That to the kettle. Economic sense, not to boil a pint of water for a mug full. But, more importantly? Less time to wait while it gets hot :good:


    Probably be the last kettle I ever fukking need. Might as well make it a fun one. Hate to spend my last days staring at a black kettle. Thinking; " I'd like to See what's going on in there. "  :laugh:

    First seen them air pump vacuum flasks almost 50 years ago in the Middle East. The Bedouin loved them for their qawa and chai 👍


  11. Just now, Greyman said:

    Stove went on yesterday so the kettle will be on until March, electric kettle will be going away for the winter in the next week or two 👍


    My missus drew the line at me burning pallets in an old oil drum in the garden and having a kettle permanently on the boil....don't know why, makes perfect sense to me ! 👍



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  12. Just now, NEWKID said:

    It would completely ruin Ken's "I want to watch my hot water boil" dreams though....

    One moment of excitement in the morning, then staring at Thermos all day...😂

    I realised as soon as I posted that it would be " what's an air pump vacuum flask", " what's the best air pump vacuum flask", " how good are air pump vacuum flasks", 😂

    No offence KD, I quite like some of your "esoteric " posts 👍


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  13. 3 minutes ago, NEWKID said:

    Joking aint ya... 

    It's all about numbers in the clubhouse afterwards for the meat raffle.. tin pot outfit that Juve

    I look back with nostalgia when the meat raffle was a brace of rabbits or a hare or a chicken, " give us a few minutes until I go to the allotment and knack one and pluck it " 😂👍


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  14. Sort of related...... I'm on an energy saving crusade at the moment, so, instead of boiling the kettle 10-15 times a day, I've bought one of those 3 litre air pump vacuum flasks.

    Fill it in the morning, lasts all day, plenty hot enough for coffee until bedtime 👍


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