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  1. Good strong and well balanced litter mate
  2. He is good at what he does and his timing is excellent for when to prey on their feelings to extract the big money . Vets have a licence to print money and they should at least wear a mask when telling u how much they are robbing off you .
  3. By all accounts 2 cracking animals at the top of there game , but the one that can do it anywhere would edge it for me.
  4. in a heart beat PTS no questions asked , No 2nd chances with me
  5. Has she had her tubes capped off sometimes settles a bitch down ?
  6. Facebook robs you of your soul , come off it Or don't look at the lurcher groups if certain lads wind you up . that's what I did .
  7. Goats milk, beta puppy, chicken,fish,brown bread ,bone meal, and worming
  8. Best of luck ,that looks a cracking pup
  9. Depends if you feed a high protein diet horses for courses lol
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