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  1. Let me have my 5 minutes of fame, after SheepChaser's thread about breeding from a jacker can reclaim it's rightful place at the top. ?
  2. Right, let's change the topic plz, good walk Bangers, see much?
  3. That's it mate, don't want to be sickened with a dud so will see how it goes. ?
  4. Folk are right though, it's getting boring so can we please stop discussing this now and that includes my award winning thread on Saluki's. From now on I'll just keep a watchful eye on what's out and about and go back to taking the piss out of people on the general section. My head has blown a gasket. ?
  5. None of lads who I used to hunt with were in to coursing types mate, they're in to their bull crosses tbf.
  6. No drama, again just thinking out loud. It's a 26 inch, 8 month old pup. Ideally would like a 8 week old prospect, that's why I've got the thinking cap on mate.
  7. That's what I'm hoping to find out mate. I've caught many hares with 3/4 crosses but these should be different level. And that's the million dollar question, finding the right one, there's that many names flying about you don't know what's what. You're taking a gamble aren't you buying a dog off a complete stranger with no ideas of the parents background. I suppose that's the case for other types if you're not in the click but these are expensive types for a lurcher. ?
  8. Don't worry Sheepy lad you've got plenty of time to get your threads back at the forefront of THL. ?
  9. The dog is under control mate, I'm just thinking out loud of the worst circumstances if I brought in an older pup. Like I said, I'm certain he would be fine bringing in a pup.
  10. Loads, no out and out coursing dogs though mate and that's why I want to try one out. I want to see what the thoroughbreds of lurcher world are really like.
  11. Fair enough post that one. Did you consider using a coursing bred that's not so closely related to your bitch?
  12. Is the Pope a Catholic, course I have fella. ?
  13. It's basically like this. ? I want a pup to bring on and it to turn in to a machine that will wipe the floor with any other cross out there at hares and edible game. I'm not asking for the earth am I? ? Forget the Akita and that, it will get sorted. Just get me that flying machine with bags of stamina, boom.
  14. That's what I'm saying mate, is there any need to cross back in to pure like some do.
  15. Was looking at a thread from years back mate. Hasn't all the hard work alresdy been done in these coursing breds and by going back in to pure you're taking a step back? What I'm saying is you could end up with a dog that performs just like a pure?
  16. You think it works mate rather than going coursing bred x coursing bred?
  17. Easier said than done regarding dog aggression mate. Speaking of aggression, I haven't given him the opportunity to prove to me how aggressive he really is but you can see as he's got older the signs have been getting worse and worse. I would never let him run over to a dog off the lead, you're just asking for trouble if it does kick off. I'm almost certain he would be fine with a dog in the house reared as a pup, there's a good chance he would be OK with this dog with the right perseverance but there's always a what if. Decisions, decisions. The pup is a lovely d
  18. "Yeah that's Bindy out of Roger who's out of Del who was put back to pure out of Mitchell's Nora." ????
  19. Cheers, Fens is right though, if I'm after a pup only i should have just left it when I found out it was 8 months old. Trouble is, without being in the click you don't know when a litter will spring up or if any will be available for that matter. All these names of dogs get thrown about and you're sat there scratting your head like a confused chimp. ?
  20. Why would I put the dog to sleep mate, he's a housedog that's all at the end of the day. It is what it is mate, it'll work out someway or another.
  21. This morning when I was walking the dog I bumped in to a lad with two lurchers, one was a saluki/greyhound and the other coursing bred. It was only about 4 month old and when I got talking to him he said it's supposed to be off Bulldozer, is he still alive and siring pups like?
  22. I don't doubt it mate, it's like any powerful dog, if they trip out they're going to cause a lot of damage. I would never leave any kids alone with the dog mate.
  23. You getting another bag grabber then? ? Was it single handed on Netto carrier bags mate or did you run it doubled up? Seriously though, only opinions from those with working dogs please. ?
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