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  1. It looks like the dog is still in town, you're all scared to death to lose me according to Bosun.
  2. If they needed throwing out they needed knocking over the head, when they are revved up they nearly pull you out the window.
  3. Only thing you own is a certificate to say you've competed rehab.
  4. I'm not too fussed about doing a little rabbiting here and there mate truth be told. If i had a dog don't get me wrong I would put the effort in to making sure it would get some work. The hardcore lads are out regualr week in week out and fair play to them but everyone's circumstances are different. Look at Bangers, he can afford to hunt 24/7 with the cash he's just put down on the table.
  5. Shame on you running babi rabbits.
  6. You should try being honest as well Blackmag lad, it might be catching you never know.
  7. Diving straight in there, not running smart.
  8. Thunder bolts shoot out their arse as well.
  9. Getting the dogs the easy part, doing it justice is what matters at the end of the day. All it would be is walking local and hoping to drop on the odd hare once or twice a week. Like I said, nobody who I used to lamp with were ever bothered about running puss. At a push I could get the odd bit of perm local but it ain't exactly the fens. All in all it sounds like a great idea until realilty sinks in.
  10. I'm in my element with the craic Francie lad, just need to spend less time on't tinternet and more time in reality.
  11. You can reclaim your manhood when I'm gone.
  12. @Bosun11pull the plug fella, logging on will be too tempting when I'm bored. It's been emotional ladies.
  13. If you weren't doing exactly the same I'd take offence to that lad.
  14. You not planning on leaving as well dogmanwont, thought the sight of blood had put the fear of God in to you flower?
  15. I was just starting to like you Mary as well, being a non hunter and all that.
  16. Come on you've gotta hang em up as well Mary or you going to keep living the lie like dogmanwont.
  17. And back to whippet, yep, I'm telling you.
  18. I haven't got to that part yet, think it said don't put pures in the back.
  19. Yep, you bury me with bullshit mate.
  20. That says it all, move on to a Darcy next and you might start learning something.
  21. Can't help it, I must be mentally deranged like the rest on here. Bet some have got a 10 year head start on me as well.
  22. Come now Juckler, we've already agreed pures are the best hare catchers, rabbiters and fallow tacklers, what more do you want man.
  23. Are you suffering from little man syndrome, must be the Whippet in you.
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