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  1. You seem a tad slow, like your dogs.
  2. That was another thread? And it's a fair question, getting a pup that's likely not been touched for 8 months and with it being a stubborn breed. If folk don't think that could possibly a problem then I don't know what to say.
  3. Hahahaha just tell me plonker. I've been on the account seeings and can't find it. Spending way too much time on here truth be told like many others.
  4. Can't have done much cos you're 40 years behind running pures.
  5. Any ideas on how to delete your account, I've been on the account settings and can't find anything?
  6. Maybe it was the man on the other end of the lead.
  7. Yep, you're really clued up on things, I mean half collie crosses are the canine equivalent of a dunce. Age doesn't give you class though arshole.
  8. Says the man who says half cross collies are thick. It's like that is it, well fcuk you ya daft old sod.
  9. Who mentioned saluki pal, are you cracking up?
  10. One of them Pulsars mate, X30 or something like that.
  11. Have you heard of LIDAR, I was thinking outside the box, I imagine that could be a great tool for helping you find spots. Low and behold though there's lots of places that are just blanked out, surprise, surprise, I've a good idea why that is. Still, buying some books on ancient Britain would be a good start.
  12. As you know the more you get out running em the more accustomed your eyes become at spotting them, I used to spot them at fair old distances but you can often walk over to what you think looks promising and nothings there. You can't beat that anticipation when you're getting closer wondering if it's going to erupt at any second, I imagine thermals take some of the shine off it but needs must I suppose.
  13. I never used anything like thermals or binoculars for that matter when day walking but I imagine they save a lot of time and walking, unless on permission out in the middle of nowhere those positives matter in this climate.
  14. Of course but I imagine they come in handy when they are sat tight or if you're driving about scouting for em.
  15. After seeing footage of them on YouTube they are game changers even if it does take away some of the fun and skill. Still, if there's f**k all about it is a big waste of money, and imagine that getting snatched off you by the filth..
  16. One for £850 ono on Ebay from Scotland.
  17. Mc got his second hand for £700 I think he said. Go on FB marketplace and have a look.
  18. Aye it's all about the history when there's 500 big ones going in the bank account, the find of a lifetime there.
  19. You're better than me at faking deer prints, what stick did you use mate?
  20. Lend us a monkey and I'll pay you back in roe meat.
  21. Ready to slip but no dog, Bangers help me out.
  22. So basically it's lunacy to get a 8 month old saluki pup that's probably just been pissing & shitting in the pen with what I'm guessing no training at all.
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