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  1. Used to use lock stock all time but not in Sheffield anymore
  2. It's 4z with 3mm purse cord or it might be 6z I'll check
  3. Plus using a two inch mesh board
  4. I do 12 14 or 16 loops on ring then how ever many rows for three foot it's usually 16 rows long I think tried doing a shaped net and ended up binning it lol
  5. He a good looking pup I've got a beddy whippet x grayhound whippet just turned seven month weighing in at 19 kg
  6. Nice one one better than a total blank and cracking looking pup whas it breeding
  7. Fingers are fine eyes are screwed lol
  8. Just had a go at making my first net three foot straight net
  9. They all need a bullit bunch of God damm snowflakes
  10. I'll be looking at second hand rifles probley have a budget of about 300 quid because won't get much knocked off for trading my Remington express in
  11. Like um but got attention span of a goldfish if I had enough space I'd have one but living on a canal boat
  12. His dog is part of the breeding program for deerhounds he tried telling me about it but I was not listing lol I was like ooooo look a squirrel
  13. It's a simulated coursing race best of three races wins it plus it should be countryman's weekly as reporter was thare
  14. Pure deerhound he's a Dave slights dog
  15. The little tramp should me made to swim in the Thames and drink five gallon of river water
  16. My mate had a cracking day couple of days ago his two year old deerhound won Hancock memorial cup happy days
  17. Been looking at gamo phox and smk pr900 w
  18. I know it's probley been asked before but which is better a PCP or co2 air rifle sub 12 ft/lb for pest control
  19. Cracking offer for a youngster hope u get good homes for them atb
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