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  1. But OTs Jill is eating 3 skinny chicks a day, and she’s fine!
  2. So cute! I read that as spf 50 suncream...yummy haha
  3. They are shop bought frozen rats of various stages, fuzzies and fully grown. Ive been giving them as much meat as I can get my hands on but 11 babies are blazing through it like a plague of locusts!
  4. All 11 babies are growing fast. I’m feeding them continuously. MEAT, minced rabbit, pigeon, rats etc. Meat will always be best for mustilids of any kind. BUT, I will offer kibble too, some of the homes I have lined up for my babies are going to have them as pets and not workers and they won’t all have access to meat and that is up to them, as long as they are being looked after and loved, it’s the owners choice what they feed them. By offering variety, it will be an easier transition for the new owners. But mine primarily eat meat, even in the summer. I just remove leftovers when they spoil. The purpose of this thread was for me to get some ideas of things that I can offer my Jill that are nutritionally dense and will keep her going while she is feeding 11 babies. Some of the suggestions have been helpful, some less so. She is putting weight back on and the kits will be 4 weeks tomorrow so I think we are out of the danger zone. I was hoping to have a polecat in the litter, as the Jill had polecat siblings, but the parents dna won out. Genetics are fun.
  5. All 11 present and correct. Mum is an absolute trooper. Started them on solids, kitten milk mixed with cat food or soaked kibble. Will try them on some minced up rabbit this weekend. Shes holding on in there, I’m just giving her extra meat and food so she’s ticking along.
  6. I say they come to call, but I think it’s more they respond to the sound of my voice. I always make sure to call them when I go to their enclosures and give them something when they come to me. They’ve learned that my voice means snacks! Im always frightened that with instincts in the mix, if they get down the holes and find something, they won’t bother coming back! I’m quite attached to them now. A squeaky toy is a good idea, I’ll give that one a go too. We shoot every winter (husband shoots, I go beating - I don’t have a gun that fits me yet), our black lab is an excellent gundog despite no formal training. It wouldn’t be difficult to direct his instincts to finding rabbits. The wonderful thing with the ferrets is that they can eat what we catch. They are such a cheap pet. I have the added bonus of living next door to vets, so I get on the doorstep advice and meds usually for free or in exchange for a Victoria sponge!
  7. They are intended for working, we are doing some informal training, they haven’t been in the field yet. Husband bought them for working and I hijacked them. We have a lot of involvement with farming and already get involved with pest control on the shooting side of things. We are still learning with regards to ferreting. You’ve got to start somewhere right? What do you all do?
  8. Mine have only escaped when the kids haven’t latched them shut properly, I always check now but when they were young it was a learning curve
  9. How odd because albino is a recessive gene? They must be lucky!
  10. Mine always come back when I call them, silly question but have you tried that? Next door’s ferrets escape all the time too and they are nearly always trying to get in with ours. Do you have any neighbours with ferrets? Once theirs escaped and was found in the next road, incidentally in our in-laws garage, eating fire lighters of all things!!
  11. Well, I’m happily married so weirdos shall be ignored, dick pics will be posted on social media for lols. Fire away in seriousness though, where are the rest of the gals??
  12. Not bothered if you make assumptions about my gender. Chill
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