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  1. Sausagedog

    Foxes calling

    I have noticed this, some start early around here. I think some vixens have two litters a year!
  2. 1"@100 is pretty much standard fare for a 22mag. That rifle has a trigger akin to a match rifle if mine was anything to go off.
  3. Had a great evening sneaking up on rabbits with my .63" flintlock. I got two rabbits for four shots. I used 80grn of Krank's black and about 32g of #6&#5 mixed shot. I tuned the lock years ago and it still surprises me how quick it is! On the way back I let the hound loose as night loomed. She half heartedly chased one of those large rabbit things which i don't think is a bad thing as it keeps them alert and you never know when (and they do here) poachers might turn up! As I watched the huge moon rise the micro lurcher runs into a few oaks and comes out coursing a rabbit! This is rare for her but she was all over it right in front of me. She whined in frustration as it kept turning but I could see she was getting closer with every turn! On the last turn the rabbit bolted in a straight line and from nowhere this little lazy mard arsed dog put a spurt on for once and over run the rabbit! Sometimes I wonder why I bother with her and then she does something.....although rare....that makes me grin! Little cow..... SD.
  4. Just popped out to check zero for tonight. All's well and finished off with an 85 pace squirrel (rested shot). This old Winchester ammo rocks. Wish it was still available instead of this modern pipsqueak stuff they load today!
  5. Sausagedog

    Quick zero check.

    Powders haven't really advanced, marketing has though!
  6. Sausagedog

    Quick zero check.

    Dude it's a rimfire and currently I don't think anyone is offering primed brass. Winchester did offer primed brass decades ago! Some do to this day pull bullets and add there own powder charge and reseat the bullet but the gains are minimal being limited by the rims low pressure thresh hold etc.
  7. Sausagedog

    Cloudy, windless night

    Nice shot. I went out too. Just saw my ghost fox. She hung around for a bit this time and then tucked into a hedge for a while and then disappeared. Getting closer!
  8. Sausagedog

    Quick zero check.

    What was it gav, the booze or your dodgy curry
  9. Sausagedog

    Zero check morning.

    Cheeky whipper snapper. It was a dodgy connection to Morrisons WiFi from outside thank you very much!
  10. Sausagedog

    Zero check morning.

    Stupid internet !! Walshie....delete please.
  11. Annie's have a very good reputation. I would take an Annie over a browning any day just for the trigger!
  12. It'll be all but gone by the time we arrive
  13. Chuffin Eck, need a lodger for two weeks?
  14. Oh you jammy so and so. My first 22 was a Krico 300. Super accurate and superb trigger. You done good there. I had the later weaver models on mine. K6. Man I shot some stuff with it! I would love to know how the wmr shoots?
  15. Oh! I gave you the best advice thank you very much!
  16. Sausagedog

    Where have....

    ....all the old rifles gone? The pre 90 remmy 700's. The BSA's, the Savages and the Marlins? The Winchester? The Parker Hales? They all seem to of melted away. Have they been chopped up?
  17. Sausagedog

    A few hours out last night.

    Man you have some fox's down there. Get them down Walshie.
  18. Sausagedog

    New one on me

    First we had yarns of " ghost fox's" and now we have hallow the headless pigeon! Gordon Bennett! It'll be whare hares and panthers next. ,
  19. Sausagedog

    New one on me

    90 mph! Woo hoo, new excuse. Thanks
  20. Sausagedog

    Oil change.

    Don't neglect an oil change folks! For the past few weeks I noticed I was starting to hear my turbo. It's only a tiny unit on a petrol but when I got the vehicle in spring I could hear nothing from it. So I changed the oil on Saturday and silence has returned from the turbo! Don't neglect the oil and if I may suggest....don't stick to the redicueless service intervals on modern vehicles! My car said it had 6000 miles to the next service, I reset the service countdown and it said 12500 miles! I DON'T THINK SO! SD.
  21. Sausagedog

    Not your average night out

    Mountain bikes. Is their any mountains there? And how are they going to find a mountain in the dark anyway? Poachers. Bet they are poachers!
  22. Sausagedog

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Had a bit of luck today. SD.
  23. Sausagedog

    Re-loading 28g cartridges

    It may work out cheaper for 28g but only just!