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  1. Hi what other hunt badges have you got
  2. I’ve seen a few good ones work in Finland wire haired and smooth there digging all game with them regular
  3. Hi has anybody got any hunt lapel badges for sale .thanks
  4. Anybody got any badges for sale or swap
  5. jp started of with russells before got into fells
  6. I've got quite a few for sale rat face
  7. Arthur all ways made it to the rother valley show. all ways had a chat with him.
  8. rvwtc arnt having a show this year not enough support in the club
  9. the clubs still running just .not sure if they are having a show I will find out .
  10. welshydale will be your man for welsh badges. quite a lot of Welsh badges to collect most do a diff badge every year. what English badges do you have
  11. Hi,i,m only interested in otter hunting stuff ,badges,buttons etc,but I have quite a few fox hunting badges ,to swap or sell.Have you got any Welsh packs mate?? yes I have a few welsh packs .have you any to swap
  12. Hi what badges have you got to swap.ive a spare Dartmoor oh badge
  13. nice dog there moorman il swap you it for a russell
  14. looking for hunt lapel club badges. Fox. otter. mink. beagles anything considered. I've a few to swap aswell
  15. had 2 weims out of showy stock about 15 yr ago both worked well .I now keep vizs
  16. bailys used to bring a thick red book out every year with the details of every hunt in world
  17. h h usually have a few pages in there mag as a directory out beginning of the season
  18. +1 had a pair of them now for 4-5 years, money well spent………£180 worth every penny shop over mirfield used to sell them
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