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  1. Years ago I reckoned I saw a dog and a fox scrapping and the fox chasing the dog!! Yeah I know sounds like bull####. I was walking a couple of greyhounds around a field at the back of my house at night. I heard a racket ,turned on the lamp and about 200yds away I could just see the dog running for home (it was the neighbours Jack Russell), and standing 30yds or so from him I saw the fox. I told the neighbour this, needless to say he thought I was taking the p###. Couple of weeks later he told me that his security light came on one night at the back of his house and looking out the kitchen wind
  2. Lamping about 25+ years ago my dog got a large blue buck, reckon he was a freak,as I hunted the ground for years and never saw any other odd rabbits. However another place had a variety of colours,hunting this place I got a few pure whites over the years ferreting and lamping, saw the odd black, there was a golden coloured one which I saw a few times over a couple of years. I worked nights opposite this place , in the grounds where I worked there were a couple of black and tan rabbits for a few years, they were quite bold as they weren't hunted. The place I hunt now has dutch coloured rabbit
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