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  1. I shoot mostly on my own but odd time go with my dad. I have been a couple of times with a mate who has a lab but nutty as a fruit cake. I like the small dog and the way they hunt. I think it would be the way i raise it as a puppy and just have a retriever and try and lower the drive on a cocker
  2. Im thinking of a cocker. Does anyone know of any good books to read about training. I am lucky enough to live close to a well known trainer who does have a few dvds out so i will be getting them in the next few week
  3. Hi joe i was thinking of a lab but its a big dog and my wife is scared of big dogs. I am not into the german pointers as i got bit off one years ago and it hurt lol i jave plenty of time to try and talk the wife round to a lab bit even she is a tough 1 to crack. Saying that no one can turn a puppy down
  4. Well guys i am trying to do some research on what dog suits my needs. I do pigeon and rabbit shooting and would like a companion to come with me, keep me company in the hide. I have a staffy at the minute and wouldnt change her for the world. I trust her 100% with my kids. She is a protector for my family. She doesnt even like when we toy fight. Now, when she does eventually goes i would like a gundog. I probably have 4 or 5 years left in her yet so i am in no rush to make a sharp decision. So it gives me a lot of time. I would like a cocker. Seen a few beating, picking up and at trials at game fairs but would they be any good at staying in a hide? Anyone recomend any books dvds or anywhere i could gather as much info on training? As i have said i am in no rush but i would like to train myself first before jumping into water and not knowing how deep it is. Many thanks
  5. I might go out and get a box of each and compare them. I got them off me dad when he gave me the lr. And he said to me thats what ot likes to be fed on
  6. Sd what do u use? I might try cci 40gn Thanks Dave
  7. Hi guys just wondering of what i have heard is true bit the eley 40g have discontinued? These are the bullets have the green label and from what i have seen these have been replaced by the white lable 38gn 1040fps. Is there much difference in the ammo? I dont want to go out and buy a brick of they come out like thunder bolts. My mate has and the box he has just opened is like shooting hmr
  8. If i was to get a discovery it would be a 300 tdi. These newer ones are plastic. I use to be able to take mine anywhere with no problems. Serviced well and a few tweeks and a bit of money spent on it i can be a beast (about the 3k mark) id say stay well away from newer ones imo
  9. I wouldnt worrie too much on centre fire at the moment with my hmr. Any foxes that came 130 yards away id let him have it. As long as i do my part on accuracy
  10. Spot on tha pal im gonna try that for sunday
  11. Sd how did u make that? I could do with some of that for buttys on a sunday
  12. There is a lot of woods in one part of the shoot but nothing in there. Just doesnt seem for anything to be flying i have a lot of veg and im still waiting for farmer to cut 1 field i should get something then (fingers crossed)
  13. Past 2 times i have been out really, ormskirk and helsby in the north west
  14. Good on you sd, wish i seen as many as you have shot, been dead where i have been
  15. View Advert Laurona 12g Good condition, single double trigger (1 trigger shoots both barrels depending on what pull first) had for a long time just no room in cabinet and this is least used. May swap for 12g cartridges Advertiser Davetyler Date 23/08/19 Price £150.00 Category Shotguns  
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    Good condition, single double trigger (1 trigger shoots both barrels depending on what pull first) had for a long time just no room in cabinet and this is least used. May swap for 12g cartridges


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  17. Spray with brake cleaner, wont hurt bluein soak with kitchen roll and that and make sure there is no silicone left on when assemble, carbon sticks to it like mad
  18. Thanks ff il just chuck a rabbit in when get them and leave it in for a couple of days and see how much they eat. The next day il give them a bit more than what they they jave eaten the day before
  19. Thanks guys i was thinking of 2 small gills i would need someone with a vac hob local to me to take them out of season that could be a problem. Ive built a hutch 4ft wide so i think it will be enough room for them. I also have 10 metres of pipe looped so i can keep them busy. Ive been told its easy to put a ferret down a hole its hard to get it out.
  20. I was thinking of 2 at first but someone said just get one as i can handle it more one to one.
  21. Cheers guys i was thinking it would be hard to handle 2
  22. Well guys im going to get a ferret in a couple of weeks and just wondering on quantity to feed it. I can feed rabbit, pigeon and game (in season) So.... how much do i feed it without it being fat. I will be working it in winter next year and have a lot of rabbits to get rid of. Any help would be appreciated Btw anyone around st helens got a carry box for sale?
  23. No season on the gl31 just a date valid thats on all of them
  24. No bull, my dad paid 20 quid for his kit a couple of year ago and i found a spring at work (scrap yard) cut 3 coils off it and its a dream for free
  25. Completely different rifle done the same to my 455 hmr
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