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  1. Davetyler

    Ferret wanted

    Sorry if it is in the wrong topic, Hi guys i am a shooter who is after a ferret. Any in or around st helens area that is breeding this year? I would like to purchase one. Must be a kit. No big old hobs that will take me and my dog on at the same time. As young as poss can. If you are breeding and want a couple of rabbit and pigeon to feed the little mites on whilst they are growing up i can call round with some on a sunday and wednesdays (depending if i get anything)
  2. Davetyler

    22lr first shooting help

    Thanks alsone i understand how people have different opinions and that it did get a bit over the top of facts on what people read instead of what of people know and tested. Thats why is started this thread as all i could find is people sayint that a ricochet can wipe an army of a million out at 100 miles away. I know know that it is down to the shooter and the lay of his individual land. Ive been out with the lr 2day and fired another 100 rounds and not one rick, although im not saying it will never hapen but my shooting style lowers the chance of it hapening. I again thank everyone who helped me on this thread
  3. Davetyler

    22lr first shooting help

    Well after yesterday i realise that if shooting high up and shooting into the floor with nothing or nobody around you within a good distance it is unlikley that a bullet can travel far after a solid impact on quarry then into earth then upwards it wont have much energy to reach very far. As for these scary storied of them traveling a million miles after a ricochet and taking the head off elephants must be by people who dont understand the bullet and power that they produce. Shot it at targets on the field stood up and didnt get a single ricochet thats out of 75 shots at 60 yards
  4. Davetyler

    22lr first shooting help

    Well guys i think in my situation i am safe to say that today i have tried to get a ricochet only for my confidence in my shooting a new calibre at different ranges. Dont get me wrong i wont be shooting a rabbit in the middle of a field at 100 yards off the bipod. I think the ricochet problem is in fact of people not knowing their land and shallow angles shot at will throw any bullet up in the air and i will always be shooting in a downward position make to them chances lower. I know that all shots are different but i dont think i have a problem of a ricochet going more than 1000 yards Thanks for all your info guys
  5. Davetyler

    22lr first shooting help

    Well guys ive been out with the 22lr and well after a quick zero into a box of old bedding i had a little play with the 22. I started off at 50 yards as that was my zero range, i was shooting off the bipod against a sshhiittt infront of the pile aiming 3 ft infront at beetroot parsntps and spuds (floor was frosty) safe backstop check, i let rip. I didnt get no zinging noises, no shhitt getting thrown up in the air or any movement around the target. I stood up and shot off sticks and still no zinging noises no movement around. So... Test 2 came along lay down on bipod had a piece of steel against the pile, covered the top of the pile overhanging the steel with inch plasterboard (about 7ft above the steel) and a piece of roofing sheet raised 4" above the plasterboard. So i let rip on that. 1 shot then walked over and checked the plasterboard, there was a mark on the plasterboard but didnt go through so another couple of shots and no luck getting it through. It was hitting but not goung through.. so went closer.. 40 yards turned the board around, whack hit the steel bounced up and stuck into the plasterboard. Done this a few times and they wasnt going through. Only 1 stuck in. All off bipod. Stood up and shot off sticks and did not make much different. 20 yards whent through the plasterboard but didnt make a mark on the steel roofing. That was lying down. Stood up and just buried it self in plasterboard Sooo.... how bad are ricochets, well shooting eley subsonic hollowpoint i wouldnt think they go that far. Needless to say i had a play around a pit. Nothing around for at least 1000 yards i shot into the banking and nothing just a hole where my crosshairs was. Went back to the steel had a couple more shots. The steel slid down a bit i hit it at the top and wack hit hit the steel and bounced back and hit me in the leg, shooting off sticks. I was quite amazed on how this came back to me as i spoke to my dad and he said he has never had it in shooting it for 5 years or so. Anyways im still alive.... i can now say ive been shot. Lets put in one way i dont have a mark on me and it felt like someone flicked my pants. Found the bullet on the floor just in front of my wellies. Well it looked like half a mushroon. That was at 25 yards away. So guys my opinion of ricochet has changed a little
  6. Davetyler

    22lr first shooting help

    Hi meece thanks for that. Ive got planty of amo, an fac air i need to zero and a huge pile of shhht i can shoot into. Im going tomorrow to see how i shoot the 22lr and how it is on my land (recently ploughed nice soft soil) if i set up just in front of the pile i have a safe backstop as it must be 20 ft high and about 70 yards long bang on in the middle of my field miles away from anyone. And can see for 800 yards all around me. I dont think i can get much safer than that with any cal rifle. Ive got a few things i can try as ive got some plasterboard, inch plywood, a fridge and some steel sheets i found on the farm. I will try different angles and different heights and different ranges and see what is worse for the bullet to ricochet (i might just be a lucky sod that doesnt get one when i try but i would like it if i could retrive all the bullets that i shoot and see how they have deformed
  7. Davetyler

    22lr first shooting help

    Thanks you guys for a lot of good reading, i am going to put a few theorys to test and see what happens to the bullets fiering at different ranges. I can build a big box around a target and see what happens as i think after hitting a hard object it will lose a lot of power and will be tumbling more than going to be like a bat out of hell ripping through anything in its way. I know people have a lot of opinions in this world and i know that at the end of the day it is me pulling the trigger. An without knowing the round (in a field experience) i do with an air rifle and really getting on with my 17hmr and fac air. Ive just heard so many bad thing about the lr, but in theory they cant be really bad otherwise they wouldnt advise it for starter rimfire and ive never heard of people getting seriously hurt. I got hit 5 times off my dads rimfire (now mine) when we was hitting a steel plate 30 yards infront of us and they came back and hit my legs. I only had a pair of thin craghoppers on and it did not hurt. I could tell i got hit off one as it shocked me but like i said out on the field it is completely new
  8. Ferret finder either mk1 or 3 View Advert I am after a ferret finder, cheap with 2 collars. Not got my ferrets yet so anyone around st helens selling any please pm me Advertiser Davetyler Date 30/01/19 Price £100.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  

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    I am after a ferret finder, cheap with 2 collars. Not got my ferrets yet so anyone around st helens selling any please pm me


  10. Davetyler

    A wander in the cold air

    I was looking at the t bolt before i bought my cz and a mate of a mate had one and it kept jamming and as he pushed the bolt forward it went off. I dont think for the price you can beat a cz
  11. Davetyler

    A wander in the cold air

    I love it, i shot my dads 12 month [BANNED TEXT] getting mine and it demolishes anything i go to shoot. Is that a 22 that you are holding? Sak mod syn stock and 16" barrel? It looks like my 17
  12. Davetyler

    A wander in the cold air

    Glad i got out before the snow, managed 3 myself yesterday with 17hmr.
  13. Davetyler

    22lr first shooting help

    Btw as for your mate alsone, dont mean no disrespect or dont take it the wrong way and i know that i aint no chris kyle but im glad i shoot on my own most of the time and he obviously didnt think before he pulled that trigger. This is why i am asking the question to get knowlage from different people with different experience with the 22lr. I went out with the 17 yesterday and managed 3 headshot bunnies at 140 yards plus
  14. Davetyler

    22lr first shooting help

    Thanks for that walshie, i was wondering how many times ive read the statements in the past 12 month lol As for the information people have given me i thank you all for your opinion. I am out on sunday with the rifle to have a play with it as nobody around for atleast a mile around me. Dont take it the wrong way i wont be shooting upwards but i have a fridge im gonna shoot into and see what the outcome is. Like meece says il try and work it out. Ive got plywood and plasterboard to try a few ricochet theory out and il let people know how i get on
  15. Davetyler

    22lr first shooting help

    Thanks for the information alsone, my land doesnt have any grass on it its all ploughed and i have been wondering about with my 12g yesterday and looking at different parts of the field, in a rut where the tractor has been how its raised up on one side i noticed a rabbit 76 yards out i noticed behind the rabbit was mud about 6" above the rabbit, in my eyes that is a backstop, can anyone share some light and agree with me or tell me i am wrong.