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  1. Davetyler

    How much rabbit to feed a ferret???

    Thanks ff il just chuck a rabbit in when get them and leave it in for a couple of days and see how much they eat. The next day il give them a bit more than what they they jave eaten the day before
  2. Davetyler

    How much rabbit to feed a ferret???

    Thanks guys i was thinking of 2 small gills i would need someone with a vac hob local to me to take them out of season that could be a problem. Ive built a hutch 4ft wide so i think it will be enough room for them. I also have 10 metres of pipe looped so i can keep them busy. Ive been told its easy to put a ferret down a hole its hard to get it out.
  3. Davetyler

    How much rabbit to feed a ferret???

    I was thinking of 2 at first but someone said just get one as i can handle it more one to one.
  4. Davetyler

    How much rabbit to feed a ferret???

    Cheers guys i was thinking it would be hard to handle 2
  5. Well guys im going to get a ferret in a couple of weeks and just wondering on quantity to feed it. I can feed rabbit, pigeon and game (in season) So.... how much do i feed it without it being fat. I will be working it in winter next year and have a lot of rabbits to get rid of. Any help would be appreciated Btw anyone around st helens got a carry box for sale?
  6. Davetyler


    No season on the gl31 just a date valid thats on all of them
  7. Davetyler

    Rimfire trigger kit

    No bull, my dad paid 20 quid for his kit a couple of year ago and i found a spring at work (scrap yard) cut 3 coils off it and its a dream for free
  8. Davetyler

    Rimfire trigger kit

    Completely different rifle done the same to my 455 hmr
  9. Davetyler

    Rimfire trigger kit

    Dont but it, go to a scrap yard and petrol caps have springs in them. Throw a load in your pocket different ones have different springs. Find one the same diamiter, i think nissan. Cut 3 coils off and ur done. If you can wait i can try and find what car on monday or tuesday
  10. Someone had to say it and i couldnt hold it in. She isnt impressed lads. I can still go for the rabbits tho cant i???
  11. Im not worried at all about shooting, my main problem is telling the missus i cant get out of her hair for a day. Il lock her up.with this packham fella she will shove a pigeon up his rear end and make him her biatch just so she can clean the house why im not in
  12. How about we park a wagon on the m6 sideways and not move it until we can go shooting. Maybe someone might listen then
  13. Anothe done. 20k + in less than 13 hours should say something
  14. Davetyler

    Ferret kit wanted

    Ferret wanted st helens area young as can be to leave mother. Will collect asap
  15. Davetyler

    HMR Ammunition inconsistencies?

    Hi i havent been shooting the 17 for that long, i have noticed however that it can be a fussy little thing on ammo. Bought 500 hornady when first bought the gun. Zero near perfect. Ran low on ammo so bought another 200 hornady, went out with it week later couldnt hit a barn door at 100 yards. Re zerod it with that box and shot perfect with the rest of the 200. Came back to my old ammo and was shooting a foot away. Rezero and perfect ever since. Just shows how fussy these are even with the same ammo never mind different named ammo thats out there. Best thing ive found, stick to one make, quick rezero on new batch number and your good to go. Another is wind can blow these around quite a lot at 100 yards plus