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  1. View Advert Hw80K Weihrauch hw80K .22 Message for more info Advertiser LurcherLad1998 Date 15/12/18 Price £180.00 Category Airguns  
  2. Cheers mate, too many arse holes on this site, I appreciate there opinions or I wouldnt have posted the thread...but was only me and my juckel that night and I know what I did was the right thing. My juckels here with me now and that’s all that matters and I put pound to a penny a genuine lad will do all he can to keep his dog safe...
  3. We’re I am mate farmers and keepers are very keen so been on and off a field as quickly as possible is a must.... I dare say if my dog never backed off that run last night I’d of been coming home with just a slip...The field ive never walked in a day let alone lamped it on a night So toatally oblivious to any dangers in that field...I minght be completely different to all you on here but if I can keep my little juckel out of danger I’ll do so....
  4. What so if your dog was heading for danger you wouldn’t try prevent anything from happening...TOP MAN
  5. Hes a collie grey whippet grey 2 years old he’s get worked maybe twice a week if nite is right,, I wouldn’t say the dog jacked.... as I was the only one in field to witness this soon as that started reaching towards motorway my lamp when off
  6. Just got back from a quick shine all went well, till last field a big ear jumped up on lamp and dog accidently backed out of his slip and off he went haha..... bearing in mind this has been first big ear he’s seen never mind coursed..the quantities of these are real thin round my way so he’s no real deal on these things just keep him for the local bunny’s...so back to the course he’s going well and the dog started closing the gap..it was just the fact I’d never lamped this field before let alone walk it in day so I was oblivious to any danger in this field..hidden ditches or drain covers etc
  7. Ferrets wanted local to South Yorkshire willing to travel
  8. Own a buck knife myself mate can’t fault it
  9. Had a bitch once like that pal, one night be dynamite couple nights later just seemed she wasn’t intrested someone once told me she’s (JADED). (bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something). Just yourself and dog want to be going out, Get as close as possible to them and make sure the dogs got eyes on it and ready to go, I have same problem with hedge huggin...slipping dogs on no hopers are just disheartening yourself and your dog, with the right amount of time and effort he should turn just into what you want mate atvb with him mate LURCHERLAD
  10. Yes as far as I remember when I had the internals of mine done, I had abit of preload, so would this affect the power of the gun(surely) would a new spring solve his problem thanks for your knowledge ATB LURCHERLAD
  11. How do you come across the chequering, been told that’s quite tricky but not too sure though.....another question if you don’t mind me asking. A friends also got a hw80 he had it apart last week and their seemed to be no pre-load with spring where I’ve seen some have maybe upto a inch pre-load... thanks again for your time and advice.... ATB LurcherLad
  12. Thanks for your advice, I’ll certainly take every bit on board, do the adjustable butt pads fit straight on or does it have to be modified ect thanks again atb lurcherlad
  13. Would like to fit a adjustable butt pad aswell if someone could direct me in right place thanks
  14. Cheers lads, done a cracking job there mate, what did you use for the stock mate
  15. I have a hw80 I’ve owned for a good part of 7 years, Time has come and needs restoring back to her former glory any ideas lads, she’s as sweet as internally as I had it done 2 years ago, any ideas would be appreciated ATB.. LurcherLad
  16. Honestley mate are you for real, £50 for lot I paid more fore just the 3 red filters alone if I was you mister I’d save up some more pocket money or give Lurcher’s and lamping up loooool
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