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  1. DANPOV18

    Took The Geordie Lads Out This Afternoon

    Where do you guys shoot at?
  2. DANPOV18

    Pigeon Next To 99S

    Dont hate on the shoes.
  3. DANPOV18

    Pigeon Next To 99S

    Especially now hes im my freezer! May I ask why you have the supervet in your freezer ? They can never know.....
  4. DANPOV18

    Pigeon Next To 99S

    Ill smear the blood of my foes all over them feathers then devour the pigeon whole aswell as my shoes!!!!
  5. Hello, I'm Dan and I'm looking for permission off a land owner to go shooting on there land, I shoot Pigeons and Rabbits mainly Pigeons. I am based in Prudhoe Northumberland (about 10 miles from Newcastle.) If you can offer any information about this it would be much appreciated. Take care, Dan
  6. Freshley prepared pigeon
  7. DANPOV18

    North East

    Newcastle up here lad!
  8. DANPOV18

    A Good Afternoon

    Wow that's a lot of pigeons wish i had access to that sort of land.
  9. DANPOV18

    Pigeon Next To 99S

    Especially now hes im my freezer!
  10. DANPOV18

    Pigeon Next To 99S

    Your not wrong there!
  11. DANPOV18


    Good luck at bee keeping. Hope it works out for you.
  12. DANPOV18

    New Here

    Hello, I'm Dan and im from Prudhoe, Northumberland. Me and my grandfather hunt pigeons regularly. The gun I use is a weihrauch hw99s and I have been hunting for over a year now. I'm also font of bushcraft so I do a lot of hunting for that. I wish you all a good day, keep hunting!