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  1. Lukeluke


    Show wasn’t as good as it could have been, saved by big josh johal and the place erupted for the shaw dickson fight was an insane fight dickson was amazing! dan was stoating about MWI
  2. Lukeluke


    Was you there rusty? I had been flat out last couple of weeks and didn’t have much of a chance to see you at the gym, me her n the boys went in at 5 and got good seats and didn’t move lol
  3. Lukeluke


    https://www.(!64.56:886/1433028836769010/posts/2702011526537395/ place was rocking! Also massive with for Jon! Boy is something else was there when him and superlek fought and think if it didn’t get stopped for the cut he could have took superlek! One is amazing!
  4. Lukeluke

    World Cup 2018

    Yeah we are taking the two boys bud, hopefully see you there mate n of not see you at the gym, good luck with the car
  5. Lukeluke

    World Cup 2018

    Big graham is fighting on sat night if you fancy it! Be a decent wee night few of the folk from the gym be going no doubt he’s already offered u tickets
  6. Lukeluke


    Terrier looks far too clean to have been working!
  7. Lukeluke

    Fathers day

    I don’t usually like things being bought for me mate but was chuffed to bits with this as I’ve been wanting to try it for ages. Might not be any good for me but at least I’ll get some peace and quiet lol
  8. Lukeluke

    Fathers day

    Understandably mate but it’s right up my street Always try meditation ect but just can’t ever get there so looking forward to trying this
  9. Lukeluke

    Fathers day

    Got booked in for a few sessions in a sensory deprivation tank, can’t wait to try
  10. Lukeluke

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    Just the way he was brought up mate he can’t help it. But no doubt he will hit you with 38474739 paragraphs copied and pasted from google to explain why
  11. Lukeluke

    Fave takeaway dishes?

    Singapore noodles with extra spicy curry sauce and salt & pepper chips from my local burn the face right of you but worth it
  12. Lukeluke

    End of the world prank

    Haha. Done this to the wife but couldn’t keep a straight face lol boy got his da a belter
  13. Lukeluke

    Champions league final

    Will it be on bt or fight pass?
  14. Lukeluke

    Champions league final

    Just out of work mate been flat out all week so not really caught anything about it last few days!
  15. Lukeluke

    Champions league final

    I’m going for a Liverpool win and on top of that Darren till tko 1st or 2nd round