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  1. Does anyone know of any hft clubs or events in kent im in sittingbourne so the nearer the better
  2. Hi can anyone advise me if there is anywhere in kent where I can try out hunter field shooting as I fancy having ago at this sport. I live in sittingbourne so the nearer the better thanks in advance
  3. Hi im a mole catcher in kent in the swale area pm if your still looking for a mole catcher
  4. Hi everyone I live in kent and im looking for a air arms tx200 mk2 or mk3 in .177 cal or for the right price I may consider other .177 air guns need to be accurate and consistent I am right handed
  5. Hi socks I am interested can you supply more details please my only problem is when the local farmers who I control rabbits for on contract start harvesting as ill be flat out running longnets alongside the combine
  6. how is the breeding season going guys,im expecting my first litter for this year any time soon
  7. yep trapworks all the way good quality fast service just ordered another 35 today
  8. had our first day today with the ferrets 10 bunnies out for about 3 hours looking forward to the next go
  9. check out the net making tutorials in the video section mate or google agouti nets and watch his videos on his website with out seeing what you are doing it hard to point you in the right direction sorry but hope that helps i make my nets shaped from hemp but hard to explain in words
  10. im at faversham can longnet or ferret if you get stuck then pm me
  11. ha ha ha that is my rabbiting partner ill have to tell him leeview made me chuckle i added another 25 last night as well happy days and out tonight and thursday night so ill have to update with my total caught by the weekend getting 1pound per bunny saving up for xmas
  12. had our 1st night out looking forward to filling the gamedealers chiller
  13. hi all replaced the head gasket today on my L reg vitara also decided to do the cambelt lined up the the e mark with the timing cover at tdc and popped it all back together anyway it wont start at all. afterwards we noticed the cam shaft pulley has got an E at the top of the pulley and an I and then i noticed it has got an E which is upside down and both the E marks have both got notches which is the correct one to use and how do i set about setting the timing at the cam and the distribitor please help
  14. i should be rigging a net this weekend so i should be able to take some pics depends when my new netting arrives ok
  15. i cant come to you as we are miles apart but ill offer some advice mate 1st get your self an old mountain bike inner tube and cut it into 20mm wide bands 2nd place your longnet on the ground in a field run it all out in a straight line 3rd place a pole in the ground at the start then every 5yds place your poles till you reach the end of your net remember if you have 200 yds of netting then you need to cover 100 yds to give you your bagging. 4th now drop 2 of your bands over each pole. 5th do the head line 1st by half hitching the head line every 90 odd meshes or what ever meshes long your netting is remember to achieve 100% bagging then bring a band up to the underside of your top line and twist and pull it over the top of the pole and push it down to the top of the head line and proceed along the net. 6th repeat this process in reverse for the foot line. remember to put the 1st and last pole through the meshes and tape them securely and all the other poles only attach to the head and footline. hope this helps mate i am sure now that i have put this post up other guys and gals on here will give you their way so you will get loads of advice mate and help. good luck
  16. ok guys ill try 3inch meshes at 14 odd rows by 6ft in length and ill make it a shaped net how does that sound just made a new 3inch mesh guide from alu and ordered some black spun heavy nylon
  17. hmmm no one seems to know regards to fox nets
  18. hi all i make my own purse nets for ferreting from hemp or spun nylon but i have been asked if i can knit 6 fox nets as the same guy has been using my purse nets for a long while now and likes the quality that i turn out the question that i need to know is what materials should i go for he has suggested that he would prefer hemp so what ply should i go for and what mesh size is ideal i use a 2 1/8 inch mesh guide for purse nets but i imagine that maybe 3 inch would be more nearer to a fox net also how many meshes wide and what would the ideal length be 6ft??? 3mm draw cord??? and i guess 2inch heavy rings any info or advice please
  19. just want to find him a good working home dont need negative comments from you fella
  20. going to put him on our local freeads dont think ill get any joy on here
  21. he has done some ratting he has got the killer instinct in him he has marked holes to indicate rabbits are home but i have never been able to trust him out with the ferrets and i do alot of ferreting hence i cant dedicate enough working time to him he comes out of his kennel for walks and lots of strokes taken him bushing as well he responds well when called back he really is a lovely little dog be sad to see him go but i know someone out there will get him out working alot more regular than i am able too How is he with other dogs? i would say he is fine with other dogs but he has worked and played with them on a regular basis
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