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  1. Got a German shepherd at 6 months old last January, called Skye. I didn't like it and changed it to flick, she took to it after a few weeks and is good as gold with it now. Suppose all depends on the dog, the name and the way you work the name change.
  2. I had the other brother to them, sold him a few weeks back, got too warm for me, they got stung in court the other week with the driving bans though didn't they, its all wrong in my opinion. After all summer on the bike you'll be in pretty good condition to. Lol Good luck with them slips.
  3. Should of had the red pup as well slips, will make a good 1 That dog and bitch you bought will be 2yr old beginning of Sept. Good lines there mate.
  4. Lol funny shit... a tranny massage parlour Haha.
  5. Lambourne is 160 mile from me mate. Well have to leave it. I'm not driving over 320 mile to sell a dog for a few hundred quid, it would cost me best part of 70 pound for petrol . No worries fella. I know someone with a 3 yr old dog out of /Benji that will meet u at lamborne to show you it run and kill sounds more like your dog, he is 1500 though. But for that sort of money you can expect someone to drive a distance to show you him run. Pm me if your interested and ill get his number for you.
  6. I still have him mate and if you come down of course I will let you see him run. When did u phone me?
  7. The Fellas didnt turn up for the Dog so he is still here if anyones interested..
  8. The BITCH is sold, only the dog left.
  9. Fella supposed to be on his way now for the bitch and someone coming on sunday for the dog, but they arent sold until they are sold. So if anyones interested give me a ring.
  10. They've only done daytime mate, do you mean run with the car when you lamp fields? If so the answer is no.
  11. They are both young dogs mate, the dogs bred from Barney lines dont start working properly until they are 20mths to 2 yr old and matured a bit. And anyone who knows saluki bitches knows they take their time to mature and dont show their hand until 18mths- 2yrs. Both this dog and bitch has had a good number of kills since Nov last year, and the best is still yet to come with them. They are a steal at that money. If anyone comes to buy them I will take them out local to me and they can see them run, cant be fairer than that.
  12. Im in kent mate, ring me up and we can sort an afternoon out and I`ll show you them both run if your interested. I know 1-2 safe places locally.
  13. I want this dog gone before I change my mind and decide to keep him I got stopped by police and reported for hare coursing last week up at Boston, its all getting too hot for me now, I can't afford to lose my licence over having a bit of sport so I'm out.. I have for sale my dog Benny. Sire is Charlie (from barney x penny) litter brother to ozzy. Dam is bred direct from foxy and Charlie. He is 2 yr old the 1st of September, 26tts, cream wooly coated, he has done nothing wrong and has killed a few this season but next season he should really be doing the business *******NOW SOLD************
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