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  1. Yeh you can get ibe with a break i seen i there website thsts the basic i e u can also get a smaller one designed for terriers
  2. Has any one ever used one of them firepaw slat mills or carpet mills they have them on amazon there not cheap but would do good for the nights when its pissing down and if u have room in the shed you could use terriers or smallish running dogs on them aswell Firepaw Dog Carpet Mill/Treadmill / Training/Stamina https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BWD2724/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_aedfCbFEP12J9
  3. Other people have offer me pups in private msg im not gona start naming facees and pointing names thats a msg from them to me dc msged me aswell
  4. I just wondered my self wow much it would be and it would be unfair to the dog to be messed around like that
  5. I ent got a clue .ate i emailed a company they emailed me back with the details for another comoany who sent me a 36 page pdf and there was no price ao i generaly dont know but would be expensive i think couple grand and would take like 6 months maybe with quarantine ect
  6. Really do apreciate it aswell and trust me im gona go see the man
  7. Yeh i got permission not a locator and collar yet i had ferrets when i was younger and have doug to em plenty also im a groundworker so i probaly spend more time on the shovel than most
  8. I was looking for a digging dog mate
  9. Im not sensitive mate i you the one who mentioned it i was just saying whats it got to do with any thing u want to see a picture i took today its a squirell sharing my lunch at work does that make me unworthy of being a terrier man aswell lol
  10. Yeh people keep saying that i havnt said can some one give me a dog i ent a tramp all i asked is whos got whats good and is there any going
  11. What how my staffys are bred got to do with any thing there just pet dogs there good with my daughter and they like to come out for a run with the little dog my dads mate did breed one and my mate bred the other im not on here saying i got a psycho line dog or a dublin red dog cause i ent i got 2 family dogs im glad there not dog aggressive what good would that be to me? And there are men with better dogs not doubting that for a second but as i dont know any one with any thing decent at the moment asking on a hunting forum in the terrier section whos got a working dog going didnt seem the wors
  12. Do you work them i bet there great bushing dogs
  13. Its christmas man why is every one so negative
  14. Yeh i asked if any one would tske me out when i first got the little jack i got a few sarcy replies as usual and that was that 2 years later the dog ent turned out half bad tbf beens as she was a rescue dog and shes a little tall and wide but its all a learning curve when i dont know any one really in the terrier game im not rushing into any thing i was asking of any one knew of any thing decent.....dogs for life might as well have a good one
  15. I have sent an email to a conpany that ships them to get a quote hes not gona bark with a funny accent though is ace
  16. How big are they mate they good looking dogs
  17. Lol thanks but i dont have facebook lol i will get the mrs to have a look
  18. I totally agree thats how i got my jack what i have now my mom took het off her neighbour who treated her like absolute shit she had her for a few months anf then i had her when the old man was in hospital and when he died i just ended up keeping hold of her ive only ever payed cash for greyhounds and my staffs every other dog i have had has been a rescue job
  19. Exactly my point i dont realy know any one that works terriers i know a few lads with running dogs and one guy with a hawk so unlessi go on guntree and buy a random dog of unknown back ground thought i would as the help members of this site
  20. If killing puppies makes u a dog man then im go a go get me a cat
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