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  1. I'm a partner in the business with another THL member. We cover all aspects of building and maintenance. Pm for quotes or advice.
  2. I use gripfill regularly and find it works best if you use it as you would a contact adhesive. Apply a blob to the wall and a blob to the skirting and then push the two together. The adhesvie forms a skin really quickly which is probably why it didn't stick to the wall. Sticks like s**t is an all weather polymer based adhesive which by far out performs any solvent based grab adhesive like gripfill. It is also at least twice the price.
  3. Hi, thanks Dave. I'm a carpenter but I tend to do a bit of everything these days. Just spent the last 2 nights near Tenbury, Worcs with the wife and the dog. Can't beat a bit peace and quiet, and zero phone signal always helps.
  4. I've seen more meat on a butchers pencil
  5. I must admit that after the referendum/election coverage and now this I'm thinking of cancelling the payments.
  6. bangers and mash with a rich gravy, followed by bread and butter pudding mmmmmmm
  7. hello all. I have just joined and I'm looking forward to picking up a few tips and learning more from the more experienced shooters here. I have been shooting for a couple of years now. I like to visit different clay grounds around the Midlands and also shoot pigeons on the odd occasion when I tag along with a friend or sometimes do a paid day. I have always enjoyed being in the countryside and find that's when I'm at my happiest. Give me a field over a city centre every time! I also enjoy helping a friend with his ferrets from time to time. I work in the building trade and I'm fortunate enough to be very busy at the moment. Lots of work is great but I'm sure lots of you would agree, I'd much rather be out in the field.
  8. This is the way to go. Two or three blokes,baby stuff and a dart board is asking for trouble.
  9. I would recommend anything built in the uk. I've heard horror stories about cheap Chinese stoves. Also heard bad reviews on stoves from machine mart. I'm not sure where they are manufactured though
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