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  1. baker boy

    how to pi55 off a load of canadians

    Canadians pissed off because they didnt think of it 1st
  2. baker boy


    7-8 lbs of lean muscle naturally, with gear a lot of the extra weight will be fat and water retention
  3. baker boy


    We need a kill squad, a squad of highly trained ex military to go out of a night and rid the country of the gangs of black and brown filth that are contaminating our inner cities. Take out some of the white filth as well for a win win
  4. baker boy


    Spot on mate, cowards and fckn traitors, our parents and grandparents were lied to and duped into joining the "common market" not a federalist state of europe and these spineless remaining c**ts will sell us down the river again given half a chance
  5. baker boy

    Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    Its amazing mate
  6. baker boy

    Plr 500

    Mine was the 1 that exploded and nearly burned the house down, if I hadnt been in house would have gone up in flames, fire spread over 15 ft of upstairs carpet on the landing
  7. baker boy

    Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    Ive been twice really enjoyed it
  8. baker boy

    Dodgy pop ups - auto forward sites

    Pop ups are probably creating revenue for the site
  9. baker boy

    Epstein dead

    Some yanks been saying since the day of his arrest he wouldnt get to court, dead or not they were right
  10. baker boy


    Looks like the frogs will be kicking off straight away
  11. baker boy

    Anyone on here taken steroids?

    Same as anything else theres use and abuse of gear, I never saw its use as a big deal, I trained for years before I used them never did mega doses and never suffered any serious side effects
  12. baker boy


    I voted out and I think the uk may suffer in the short term but we will bounce back and be better off for leaving, the eu is a lame duck and will be a bigger lamer duck without us, I cant even see the eu lasting in its current form for more than a few years after we're gone
  13. baker boy

    Anyone on here taken steroids?

    the old the old favorites of the time Sust Deca and Dianabol
  14. baker boy

    Anyone on here taken steroids?

    I did a few cycles years ago
  15. baker boy

    Double mitzie stuff

    I think DC is on about different mitzis
  16. baker boy

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    Was a good laugh 5 threads and 376 pages ago
  17. baker boy

    New estate car

    When theres enough of them on the road they'll hit them with a tax, mark my words
  18. baker boy

    Chipmunk in the UK?

    Escapee probably
  19. baker boy

    Sunderland AFC ☺️

    Leave us out of Max's fantasies fella, please..
  20. baker boy


    Carney told us the sun was gonna fall out of the sky and we'd all be eating grass the day after a vote for brexit...full of shit globalist puppet
  21. baker boy

    Cannabis oil

    I yearn for the good ol days of soap bar..
  22. "We're leaving" https://www.politicsonline.net/2019/07/were-leaving-pakistani-refugees-are.html?m=1 Fckrs will be flooding over here