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  1. Hey Francie I was just reading that the new JWST could be bringing up questions about the validity of the big bang theory, wonder what the next 1 will be
  2. If it is it'll be ideal for his anti chums
  3. And nothing will change until then, doesnt matter who's in government or who anyone votes for
  4. Another point scoring Tory bashing bit of propaganda off our resident commie, how many times has your hero Starmer been on the picket line supporting the working men who labour supposedly are the party for, how many of the draconian anti union laws have the Labour party abolished when they've been in power.
  5. I just clicked it and watched it and I'm not on twitter
  6. If he was he'd be in Ukraine now with a gun in his hands
  7. I used to watch it as kid with my old man he loved Mastermind and UC, as I got older I started thinkind they were all a bunch of nerdy fckrs....Anyway no-one could replace Bamber
  8. Me 100%, theres RMT members on barely above minimum wage working 12 hr shifts 7 days a week to keep a roof over their heads its not all about the drivers
  9. Andrew Haines head of NWR is on £590,000 a year up from £544,000 last year, RMT members have been offered 8% over 3 years with inflation running at over 10%, 10 of the top 15 highest paid public sector workers are rail related, so who's the greedy c@nts
  10. So Paxman has finished after 28 yrs, anyone want to guess the colour of the new presenter
  11. Wash in hibiscrub be right as rain
  12. I'm sure they sorted that out by saying the discrimination only works if it's against protected minority classes, Gays,Trans, Coloureds ect, you know the score, can't be discrimination if it's against normal white folk
  13. Elon Musk tweeted last night hinting he might buy Man U
  14. Cant happen max is a self confessed pacifist ( coward in a proper word ) he'd have a copper as his fair play man
  15. She cant have we havent got any furiture Sort your spelling out matey, I think you're the one getting exCited
  16. She cant have we havent got any furiture Sort your spelling out matey, I think you're the one getting exCited
  17. I dont give a fck ya daft b@stard, Im not the one who ends up crying when people point out the obvious, you know nothing about my mrs, you can carry on all night Ive told you a thousand times you dont have the tools to get to me, now its gone 9 time to switch the red light on for Tik Tok, off you go
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