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  1. Anyone fancy 2 hours of mindless violence and amazing martial arts? Dug out "The Raid" an Indonesian film with a Blitish director on Dvd awesome fun imho .
  2. Just watched Outpost on Amazon, gritty true story. Well worth it.
  3. Slate pah bloody luxury I used to live in a paper bag and eat coal.We were that poor we had to get up for work 30 minutes before bedtime. In my day during the war pull up a sandbag il tell you all about it
  4. As an aside your takeaway comes to eat with your film would this stop you enjoying it
  5. 400 l,r here asked for 500 to bulk buy and despite plenty of bunnies no not happening. So as an when box of 100 but a pain for us price wise. Though tbh supply is hit and miss can't always get cci seggs or Winnie subs here.
  6. Have they got a cattle grid ,I find the worst bit landing at East Midlands that cattle grid makes my teeth fall out
  7. Had them both not a twinge but 4 people at week had the "Stavros reaction " . Sick as dogs ,rash the whole works guess it's luck of the draw . But Dave is spot on covid killed my uncle, brother in law and a good friend so a no brainer decision for our family.
  8. Longshanks is good at butchery ,I'm sure if you ask him nicely he,l give em a quick snip
  9. Yeah practice these sayings " fields blue wi pigeons " translation 1 or 2 birds on my crops. "Ow much ,ooh my dicky ticker" = that's cheap but il not admit it. " Times are hard ,can't afford it" means my mattress is hard with all the cash stashed under it. "Sharpen your pencil young man and your paying the Vat" becomes I want it for nothing and a bit towards me holiday. If you find you use these sayings then truly your a farmer
  10. Our feeders removed during lockdown made a squirrel desert . On the flip loads more being shot by shoot members in their gardens. Squirrel gotta eat but not in my garden.
  11. A shocker for all squirrel catchers a newspaper is actually promoting killing and eating the little buggers.
  12. Got loads on me garden but doesn't clean my lens very well
  13. Scope dope ,a little tub ain't cheap but works. Just a lite smear will stop your problem . Or any motor bike shop will have little bottles of anti fog for crash helmets . Or my lovely Mrs would tell me to stop breathing as yours askedyou to do , problem solved for her and the scope
  14. If you like low budget funny as .... comedy,action,crazy then youl love Mischief Night . Absolutely crazy plot about the night before Halloween when Yorkshire kids do mad stuff. Drug dealers, gangster grannies ,car crashes the whole nine yards .
  15. It's the ir that does it Ben ,my 007 pard is amazing with Solaris srx laser on.But inbuilt ir not so much . And depends on the scope too ,the hawke vantage front ao is fine enough tbh.
  16. I use Hornady white tail 100g in my P,h .243 bang on . Tbh priv partisan will do a job just don't expect tackdriving more tack terrifying
  17. Just watched 6 Days ,a true story of how dumbass Iranian Arabs were conned into hijacking the Iranian embassy by Iraqi intelligence. Of course the rest is history, SAS wait till a hostage is killed then Maggie says go n kick arse . Shows all ,the stress political shenanigans, the poor sas hanging off his rope burning on live TV. Gritty drama and very realistic imho
  18. Sx3 or sx3 or sx3 ,mines synthetic so wipes down with a cloth.Takes upto goose loads happily and any pigeon load without issues.
  19. Tom Clancy,s Without remorse ,good 2 hours worth of kill everybody and a twist in the tail. Absolutely nothing to do with the book other than the characters names but worth a punt. Free on Amazon
  20. No brainer at that price ,1 of each colour and a wooden 1 just because
  21. Cracking modern "warfilm" on fim 4 ,Hunter Killer about a nutty Russian Kidnapped their president to start a war . Gerald Butler at his best ,lotsa action ,suspense and what if a good 2 hours worth .
  22. Finders keepers losers weepers
  23. Would that Lambo be a " Lambretta" Jimmy or has Derv give u his spare car
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