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  1. Sunday morning dumbass me went up t,farm at 5am bloody hell . -3 and positively baltic.1 fox seen about a mile away and the wabbits stayed in bed .
  2. We had snow n blow but all melted now.But it's colder than an Eskimo,s toilet seat and that winds coming straight from the Norway place
  3. They're all blaming shortage this ,lorry driver that Ben I'm afraid profit is all they want and bugga everything else
  4. Just a heads up for them that do ,wheat just hit £240 a ton here
  5. Rubber n arses sounds a bit doggy sorry dodgy
  6. Friday night full moon ,but cold saw nowt but wabbits. No interest in any calls then it rained and rained .After 3 hours gave up and squelched home. Frustrating, thought I'd see a couple but not to be .
  7. Better day on our little shoot ,16 pheasants, 2x pigeon and a Jay. 5 guns 5 beaters and 5 dogs ,good nosh dry till the last drive and something for the pot .
  8. We got a Red kite in the area and he's enjoying the pigeons. Touch wood he's not had any pheasants yet but it won't be long .
  9. It became a half day but enjoyable the same . 6 guns 5 beaters only 14 birds but too still. No real wind to lift them and a couple disappeared into thick scrub. A good craic at nosh time and the lockdown stomach to a punishment
  10. We have a not so subtle sign for them " Private keep out shooting in progress " . Touch wood no 1 has ignored it yet.
  11. Soo glad the weather has turned, our first day Saturday can't wait. Il be in the beating line looking forward to meeting n greeting ant the craic.
  12. "Land of Mine " a true story how the Danes made the German pow,s clear up the millions of mines they laid. It's in foreign with subtitles but a cracker ,shows how they were starved beaten and abused with a twist. Worth an hour n half on Prime .
  13. That's why we go Benedorm, English pubs ,English food ,Spanish weather and beer oh so cheap. Being half a jock it's important their no avin a sale
  14. Rabbits a plenty here but go the other way nothing after an outbreak of Vhd. The badger cull around here has decimated all species like an animal desert at times
  15. London capital city of this septic Isle manages 3 stabbings a day average. As you say calls to ban knives mm pretty sure it's illegal to carry over 3" blade. Time to go New York on there knife carrying ass ,metal detector on all public buildings and at railway and bus stations. Won't happen but how else can you stop them
  16. No surprise there lying malevolent manipulate turd . If his toilet isn't blocked with what falls out of his mouth everyday il be amazed
  17. Pah that's nothing, you want cold blooded n vicious well I can give you my ex mother in laws address
  18. My goto is cci segmented in .22 ,bunnies and foxes hate them for deer its been Hornady Whitetail .243 100gr btsp had a shocker of a weekend last November shooting a Roe and 3x Fallow with them .
  19. Gaffer tape fixes holes Stavros lotsa Gaffer tape
  20. Same as the last " attack " on chez packham no cctv of the " culprits " . As u say V,m another publicity stunt from the retard which will be blamed on the shooting community. Trouble is his muppet following will believe him .
  21. I used plums last year ,couldn't get slows but only have 2 bottles left
  22. Yes welcome back Mr Sausage, hope all is well . Had a fox yesterday no pics and a fat feeder thief then the heavens opened and said clear off .
  23. Lost a permission to " my abandoned emptys" only they weren't mine The landowner,s son and his cronies did it and blamed me . Totally understand your anger
  24. They're known on every forum as a bunch of. Take your money for " in stock items" that clearly aren't. Then try and get your money back. And as any long distance purchases confirm with a name it's actually there. I use Livens ,Melbourne tackle n gun and Countryman of Derby but always ring first .
  25. Had to flee 10 bulls the boss was " holding " with an electric fence. Never run so fast in all my days ,he was laughing me not so much
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