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  1. 1917 brill very thought provoking. Anthrapoid true story, Cillian Murphy from Peaky Blinders killing Reinhard Heydrich nazi barsteward . Angel has Fallen pooh plot great action lots of crash bang wallop. Favourite has to be "We were soldiers " Vietnam from both sides showing the truth and probably Mel Gibson at his best . "We are going where the metal meets the meat " what a quote Lt Col Hal Moore a true soldier.
  2. Or if you're very brave nick the wife's but never never tell her
  3. Ebay ,its a small hair roller and u wrap a nylon scouring page around the roller.
  4. I got dese from the bay of evil on my 97k and being a tackle tart an Ak 47 sling .Being Russian it,l out live me
  5. Ooh sir wants it sir ,does he sir ,polish it shiny for sir
  6. Anyone reading this will think mm Englandshire land of the the free home of the strange
  7. Yes burn him at the stake ,obviously a satanist and a witch
  8. Nice land ,looks like a good supply of bunny burgers going in the freezer.
  9. Open mouth take foot out and repeat
  10. Apples are great, cider first then rabbits head sized targets 2nd .Glad it worked atb
  11. Your welcome just remember this when she out shoots you
  12. Cut it off about 1" from the backend and cut away what remains. The adaptor has a 16mm hole as the barrel is 15.2 mm and its a snug fit . The way to stop clipping it is to ensure your cut is as straight as possible so the adaptor sits true . The noise by your ear sounds the same as its a springer but the bang end is quiter imho. Atb
  13. Great results, Maybe wildlife rescue been out dropping clients off again??
  14. Faulty towers more likely . Pm your address Ben I got an eyecup thing going spare
  15. Express xp in .22 ,with a handmade mod by a bloke called Blades off airgunforum. Cut the pointless plastic tube off the end and fitted and 1/2unf adapter.
  16. Got 1 in my Remmington, far better now.Having polished the internals ,the delrin guides make for much smoother action. Having each end of the spring "cushioned" removed the "twang" from squeezing the trigger. More consistent power and less noise with a smoother cocking action i think it was worth it imho
  17. For all the fans of Sarah ,the new series of Bangers n cash starts Thursday on yesterday
  18. Try having a go yourself with all this lockdown malarkey. Have a look see on u tube plenty of how too,s on video. Tinbum tuning kit £25 quid ish, tube of auto sol a fiver . End result will be smooth and consistent atb
  19. Did Dsc1 first, as although ex army started shooting aged 13 .303 Lee Enfield. Fired 9mm ,7.62 ,.50 cal ,etc before putting my application in. Doesn't matter what our legal rights are the Feo interpret the home office guidance as they see it. If you had asked for .243 for foxes,vermin and AOLQ you might not had it rejected. Straight to Deer Doesn't sit well with certain forces as you found out. Good luck with your new application and keep smiling tomorrow is a better day atb
  20. That,s 1 nervous looking Turkey is his name "Christmas" by any chance
  21. You got him thats the main thing, looks like he,s chewed a few pheasants to get that size.
  22. Yep you don't want anyone" travelling" your way and him being found. That's got to be the daddy of the local herd
  23. Anything Danny Dyer is in is pointless like watching a piece of 4x2 with an eyebrow.
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