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  1. It allows face ache to lob adverts at you like there's no tomorrow. And strange people to follow you without leaving their keyboard ? ??
  2. She has a brother who's, looking for Ben
  3. We got some freebies last week. After putting 600 pheasants out last month a load of poults have appeared. Someone has dropped a clod and they're a welcome addition to our shoot.
  4. Parts of London u don't an Feo ,just go paddling. Uzi for rabbits anyone
  5. Air rifle on wabbits last week through the spotter a bloody fox looking at me about 10ft away ?. Look on his face was priceless, how do they know you can't get em ??
  6. He looks like the wanted poster down our police station. " Do not approach this man is considered dangerous " ??
  7. We got 600 here but don't traditionally start till October anyway. Good job the heatwave passed you got some work to be catching up on ???
  8. That's the plan ?, 600 pheasants to protect and the hard plastic seat stops nodding off ????
  9. New office set up today, full view of the pen ,and along the ditch of doom
  10. Scottish hangover cure ,whisky on your cornflakes ???
  11. Asked about an variation with Leicestershire got told 6 months minimum maybe longer ?. We got spanked with a price increase for a drop in service. Why isn't it on line and click click done ?
  12. Well it begins, 600 pheasants released to fly away from the pens and laugh at all the hard work . High seat going in and got to practice sitting up a tree like a fat crow ??
  13. Mm get here quickly the fields blue wi pigeon. Off to the farm and it's as blue as a Liverpool scarf ??
  14. Great news fellas Nancy's been found ? ? ?
  15. Quick heads up for anyone in Welsh Wales a dog got out of her new home in Lampeter and is missing. Please help if you find her
  16. Can't do any worse than your " brute 33 " ??
  17. Will u still wear the P.j,s out foxing ??
  18. Well now my boy my life ,il stick to Norma subs in .22 lr at 4.95 a box of 50 from Garlands. ?200 rounds for 97 quid the estate manager has expensive tastes ?. As a half jock nearly 50p a bunny would have me sweating ??️? And .243 I use hornady whitetail which were 26 a box but I'm afraid to ask now ?
  19. Keeps my ahem " ample" proportions dry and my carp in 1 place ?
  20. Makes my 3 tonight look feeble tbh ,not seen that many rabbits around here for 15/ 20 years . After a good sit n wait session for no show fox ,the cow pasture produced these 3 for the pot . And to take the pee saw a fox trotting merrily through town on my way home ?
  21. My 2p worth ,Debden are carp ,Harris stupid money. I use 1 of these ,over 2 years so far no dramas and if I did fencepost it not a big loss.
  22. Just the 1 bunny recovered, 2 shot but 1 did the flip down a hole routine. Plenty of owls about but very quiet night.
  23. Time for a dozen white eggs ,some deeks and a cammoflauge gentleman with a bang stick. Magpies here well on the rise as well
  24. It's the right way up in me phone ,must have stood on me head when posting ???
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